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You say that as if I'm the only one who read things wrong. You clearly read wrong your self.

"This was made with a huge assumption". That opening statement makes the whole calculation an opinion, a really good educated opinion, but we can't be sure. But that's besides the point... We have no idea how much force Cap is putting behind the scan that is shown, so how can you say Ryu is stronger? You can't, unless from the scan at the distance Cap is shown with the boulder, you can estimate how much the boulder weighs and how much force he is putting behind it. That's my point.

Be patient. I'll show some scans. It'll probably have to be in a couple of hours due entertaining some guests, but this site isn't disappearing.

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I know what 1 ton equals. No one made a debate about this. You're trying to turn it into a debate, which is ridiculous in it's own right. I clearly said 7 tons and 14,000 tons, when I said you were making the change of the weight calculated for the boulder lifted I clearly said 7 tons to 14,000 tons due to the idea you said 7 tons than saying 14,000 pounds. Not once did I even say pounds. You trying to turn this into a uneducated insult only falls back on you, cause if you read. I said 7 tons and 14,000 tons. That would fall upon your shoulders that you can't differentiate the word from pounds and tons. We both made mistakes. But you trying to follow up on it as if you're trying to educate me? Laughable sense you your self made the mistake of not clearly reading what I said in the first place and considering the option that I may have misread. Regardless of misreading or not, being from pounds and tons. I still have a point, there's no estimated weight. To say Ryu is lifting more than Cap, simply based on an opinion isn't a solid argument to say one or the other is lifting more, especially with what kind of force Cap demonstrates behind the throw of his own boulder/rubble

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Someone's sour. Don't be mad cause you can't stay consistent and have a failing argument.

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Lmao. So the boulder went from 7 tons to 14,000 tons? Which is it? Either or... There's no estimated weight. The only close calculation we have is a rough guess by Slim.

Try again.

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Comes down between Samurai and Spartans, and either side is capable of winning over the other. I think the only way to determine who would be better than the other would be the terrain.

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I'm not sure if you're actually being serious or joking. Like I said.... Cap and Bucky's long laundry lists top Ryu and Ken. But if you're being serious, care to compare feats with Ryu and Ken against Cap and Bucky?

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Cap and Bucky in a stomp. Show me better strength, speed, skill, reaction time, and strategy and tactics feats and I'll reconsider. Til than, SF characters barely have any feats to hold an argument.

For those who try to use SF animes, don't waste your time. SF animes are not considered canon, and thus can not be used unless stated that this Ryu and Ken from the anime. The only credible anime of SF, would be the one's directly connected to the SF4 game it self and there isn't any feat in there that would put them on par with Bucky and Caps' laundry list of feats.

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Stein is better. Stein has the ability to casually, with out even trying to read someone's soul. When he reads someone's soul, he can find out just about anything there is to them. Stein can also directly attack the soul unarmed. He also has "soul threads", where he can tie you up and restrain you. These "soul threads", can blend and travel across the ground and ambush an opponent. Also... Stein casually defeated Black Star with even less effort than Mifune could. Stein with Spirit was considered to be the best at their time, and still show case them selves to be. Capable of pulling off techniques that hardly any character has shown to do, other than those considered to be above him... like Death him self. Stein with Mary Mjolnir is capable of moving even as fast as lightning, and was showing to do so against Mary Mjolnir when he had sided with Medusa. Mifune hasn't shown to the speed or strength or even display of skill as Stein has shown. The only thing I've seen Mifune be more capable of than Stein, is sword play. Mifune also had trouble keeping up with Sid Barret, and he isn't the best Meister there is... Stein has shown and considered by other Meister's, even Death to be the best Meister.

Black Star is actually really close to being on Mifune's level, as shown during their second encounter near the end of first season, and in the manga.

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Thor easy. The simple answer, more feats

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Some feats of Iron-Fist. He's fast enough to dodge bullets, with out chi. He has beat Sabretooth with his eye's closed. He has defeated Logan through BFR. He has destroyed a helicarrier with his fist and a train. Juri nor Urien couldn't hang with Akuma, and he's probably the best SF character that can be offered to give Iron-Fist a problem. Chun-li is strong in her own right in the SF universe, but is merely fodder to someone like Iron-Fist who out classes her. Iron-Fist has also shown good durability showings, like taking a iron-fist punch to the temple and being okay.