Females are crazy

recently i got out of a long term relationship you know, so I'm playing the field now. Chatting up girls and recently one just fell in love with me. I don't know how or why it happened but i need to drop her like a bad habit. Guys if you got a girl saying that God him self said that you two should be together, RUN MF RUN. Same goes for you none crazy females. no one has the right to declare divine intercession just to be with a person. If its obvious the person isn't in to you, like i made it clear to her, then let it be. No one is gonna respect some one who thinks they're hearing God's voice just telling them that you should be together. as a side note. I'm an extremely religious person. I attend mass every Sunday, i attend retreats and I'm even a Eucharistic Minister so I am in no way saying that you shouldn't listen to God when it comes to your calling, but saying God only talked to one person, and she is the only one that feels this way is something that isn't right. I mean when Mary was told that she was gonna be pregnant with baby Jesus, God still sent good ol' Gabriel to Joseph just to fill him in on the details.  Say what you got to say


Deadpool should get his own series

i think that it would be hilarious for little kids to get up on saturday morings wanting to watch deadpool be a smart ass and a murderer. i mean the new tv shows kids are watching are weak. barely and phisical humor. i miss my looney tunes, tom and jerry and other guys like that. i know if DP gets a series he would set things straight i mean i would even buy it probably beacuse i think that his character is hilarious and well created


If i had powers would i register

I would never register to this thing. i mean some may argue its like regesturing a gun beacuse it could be a weapon, well If i have to make shure the goverent is ok with my being born with these gift s i would move to cananda. I still like plnty of the heros that made there identity public, but then again if you register who do you think the people whose buildings is gonna sue once you break it in a fight. see theres a down side to everything theres nuthing good that somes out of it. thats all i can say bout this thing. and to every one who would register i have 2 words for ya

I Disagree.


Dark Knight

I saw that and it kicked ass. that was the best movie i've seen in a while. the acting was incredible and there was never a dull spot. there are only a few critiques i have. the whole boat scene made like no sense, but besides that it was awesome.