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Right which negates some of your original argument

I'm getting a bit frustrated here. What are you trying to prove? Are you trolling?

Is Sinestro the only Green Lantern currently assigned to Space Sector 2814 while there are supposed to be two of them?

Yes or No?

Don't come up with the BS argument that the number doesn't matter - the Guardians care or should pretend caring about these details either way.

You replied "I don't think so" to my first comment under this article. I ask again:

What the hell are you trying to refute here? Originally I did not say anything about the Masked Lantern.

It would make more sense to try another race this time for the differences another race would bring to the corps.

*facepalm* Let me spell it out for you. It doesn't matter what "would make more sense". The race doesn't f*cking matter.

Having the willpower capable of overcoming great fear does.

By default, the ring chooses its weilder. Mogo only guided the rings in accordance with the selection criteria the Guardians previously defined.

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Also your argument assumes the Guardians to have not chosen the new GL or you would have to take those other factors in.

That's my point, there is no desisive evidence for either of the above options.

It also assumes that there are no other races in that sector other then Humans. Which isn't necessarily a fact

Dude, I know there are other intelligent species in Earth's sector capable of prominent willpower (plenty of instances demonstrating this since Johns' takeover on the series), but still, without knowing the Guardians' true intent and the true meaning of "wrongly chosen", there is no reason to uphold the assumption that the second Green Lantern assigned to SS#2814 CANNOT be another human.

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What? I never said anything about Sinestro. That has has nothing to do with anything I said?

Well, I WAS talking about Sinestro in the comment you replied to in the first place, telling that currently he is the only Green Lantern assigned to Earth's respective sector when there was supposed to be two Lanterns patroling each. I did not touch upon the in-world or creative intentions behind the new masked Lantern and he being from Earth too, all I've been trying to say is according to the in-world rules and logic, it makes perfect sense to chose another Lantern from SS#2814.

Are we clear now?

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I don't see what is hard to understand? I presented the in-world counter argument against that.

Your counter argument seems to rely too heavily on speculation, but please, correct me if I'm wrong (I don't have the New 52 issues with me at the moment). First of all: it has not been revealed yet why Sinestro got a Green ring back if he is trully not supposed to have one. Your species argument has no relevance in light of the fact that at the moment only one Green Lantern is assigned to SS#2814 and there is no decisive evidence the Guardians have been breaking any of the rules they layed down before Mogo got killed regarding how the new/old rings are sent out.

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I don't think so for several reason.

Sorry for my confusion, but you don't think so - what? I mean, I haven't proposed any speculative idea, I just presented the in-world argument how could there be another Lantern coming from Earth accordingly to the rules the comic layed down for itself throughout its continuity.

Kilowog and Abin Sure being just two of them.

Kilowog was never assigned to any other Space Sector other than SS#674 prior to he's become a drill sergeant.

Mind if I ask what GL titles have you been following from the New 52? It seems you are little bit behind the current storylines.

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"Why would a new Green Lantern be chosen from Earth?"

Neither Kyle, Guy or John are currently assigned exclusively to Space Sector 2814 (and as we all know, Hal has been relieved from duty permanently). They all have been promoted Honor Guard long ago, giving them more authority than regular officers, including the permission to operate in any sector they see fit, which could be overruled only by the Guardians and the Alpha Lanterns. With the absence of Kyle from active duty (being part of the group titled New Guardians) and John Stewart exempted for killing a fellow officer, Guy Gardner is the last remaining Honor Guard (meaning he is the last commanding officer dictated by rank in a possible combat situation threatening Oa) - technically speaking there is only one Green Lantern now assigned to Earth's respective sector instead of two: Sinestro.

I think the biggest challenge for the Corps against this "Third Army" will be the army part of the equation. It is heavily implied that the Third Army will be strictly militaristic enforcing martial law, while the Corps is quite frankly a very badly organized and regulated, almost anarchistic police force at best. The irony of the current situation is only Sinestro would be able to pull them together (and Guy - maybe, with the help of Kilowog) but understandably noone trusts him with the exception of Hal, who is not even part of the Corps anymore. Well played Guardians, well played... dirty little blue bastards.

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@KainScion: What alarm?

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