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How much effect does the back issue market have on mainstream publishers' strategic decisions (new series, cancellations, rebranding, etc.)?

I guess I have the same question regarding collected editions.

Were there any significant revivals of particular titles, concepts or characters in recent years because of later popularity among readers who tend to wait for TPBs and hardovers? I heard Hickman's Fantastic Four and FF run owes quite a lot of gratitude to readers making its collected editions such a succes, but I could be wrong.

Also what's your position on the fate of DC's Vertigo imprint? We are witnessing a major rebranding, making Vertigo a platform for creator-owned works while company-owned characters are going back to the mainstream continuity (Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Constantine, etc.). I'm not entirely sure DC will find the level of success it anticipated in all this, which immediately raises the question: is it possible that Vertigo may disappear or shrink to a state similar to Marvel's Icon imprint?

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2012 was not a very good year for Marvel so far regarding female leads compared to DC outside of Captain Marvel. I wish success both for Fearless Defenders and the JIM-Sif - latter has a lot to live up to.

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Guy Gardner is the best human GL, get over it, losers.

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I know it is probably too late to ask these questions since you may get to them only after the season, but here it goes:

What are your favourite horror comics or comics that may fit into the Halloween theme (outside the obvious Hellraiser series)?

Also, do you prefer anthologies of short horror stories, which format has a long-running tradition in the genre (Creepy, Eeerie, EC horror comics and more recently Cthulhu Tales), or do you like the more "modern" approach of limited or even ongoing series?

And last: do you have any long-kept horror comic idea? Something original, or a franchise you would like to see in comic book format, maybe a horror-esqe story with pre-existing comic book characters, like Marvel Zombies? As for me, for instance, I've been writing short stories that fit into the Matthew Sturges' House of Mystery theme of bar patrons from many different universes telling their stoires to even the tab.

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No love for Cyber Force? -_-,

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Grifter was a piece of garbage right from the start. Good riddance.

Blue Beetle failed to deliver even the promise of volume 7's quality. Hopefully he will do better as a part of a team (Threshold).

I've enjoyed Legion Lost so far (except for the Culling tie-ins), it was easily one of the best titles from the Young Justice line. Unfortunately that does not say much, since the line overall is very disappointing.

Only one I feel bad about is Frankenstein - the whole Dark line is almost perfect as a whole, and Frankie had a part in that. The cancelation feels a bit retarded from DC's part, the Rot crossover issues has not even arrived yet. Also I really hope Frankie and his team won't be completely disappearing, sadly I don't see him being a part of a cosmic team, despite S.H.A.D.E.'s profile and all. JLD maybe?

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I LOVE Abnett and Lanning, but never cared for Battlestar Galactica.

She-eet, I'm in a pickle now...

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>No Non-Humans

I'm a saaaad plush panda.

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Why just five? My essentials this week:

Elric The Balance Lost #12

Mind MGMT #5

New Deadwardians #7

Spider #5

National Comics Rose and Thorn #1

Mars Attacks #4

Happy #1

Invincible #95

Dancer #5

American Vampire #31

Aquaman #0

Batman Incorporated #0

The Flash #0

Justice League Dark #0

Red Lanterns #0

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1) Will we get any resolution for the underlying Daemonite storyline lampshaded in several New 52 titles, including Superman, hopefully within six months?

2) Same question for the Harvest/Culling storyline. Needless to say, we have basically learnt nothing of the guy's motivations and goals.

3) Will be more characters joining Red Hood's team in RHatO? Sure are there several pre-existing and new characters in stock who would fit into the groups profile? Crux for instance seemed to have a lot of potential, if space for character development is ensured.

4) Will we see Superboy interact more with Caitlin Fairchild? Honestly, I loved how their relationship was portrayed in the first few issues, and I'm not expecting a romance or something. It's like it was Conner who brought out Caitlin's empathic, motherly side in the first place, while she challenged Conner's views regarding one's place in the world if they were changed or even designed for other people's purposes.

5) Any updates on your creator owned title, Awesome? I remember some interviews from the time of last year's San Diego Comic Con, but nothing since then. Even the website seems to be dead at the moment.