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Many people I talk about comics consider the early 90s a separate era of the medium, sometimes titled as the "Extreme 90s". The consensus is that it all began with Rob Liefeld's X-Force run in 1991, but no one is really sure what was the end of this particular era. Some say it was the comic crash of 1996, some say Marvels and Kingdom Come put an end to it within the mainstream and I heard it could be Warren Ellis with his Stormwatch/The Authority run that ultimately gave closure to the trends that dominated the better half of that decade. What's your opinion?

Also what do you think will happen with Dark Horse now that they've lost the rights to publish more Star Wars books after 2013? I have some Dark Horse fans who think it was SW that held back the publisher being a haven of creator owned comics like Image is right now and losing the rights might be actually a good thing.

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What series would you recommend from Dark Reign?

What's your favorite comic from Grant Morrison?

Why is it that so few cyberpunk and/or post-cyberpunk sci-fi comics are out there? Outside of Transmetropolitan and a few other Vertigo series, I cannot really think of any comics that fall into the cyberpunk category.

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If you could bring back one comic book creator who sadly passed away, to make one 5-6 issues story arc or limited series, who would he or she be and what comic would it be?

Also do you have any favorite writers (fiction or screenwriter) who never actually wrote for comics, but you would be interested to see how they handled the medium?

We all know Rocksteady Studios is one of the (and maybe the) best video game developer when it comes licensed IPs. Let's say you could choose any character from any company to be the protagonist of the next Rocksteady game, with a guarantee that it would have the same high quality production as Arkham City had. Who would be that character? If you got this question already, is there any other video game genre besides the usual third-person action and/or RPG, beat'em up and fighting game you would like to see with super-heroes?

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I don't know how deep have you dug into the publisher since you've discovered how awesome the Valiant relaunch trully is, but is there any particular character or title you would like to see revived as they did the current lineup? If you got this question already in the past, then I would ask what genre would you like to see next from Valiant? We already have comedic action adventure (Archer and Armstrong), sci-fi action (Bloodshot), teen hero drama (Harbinger), mystical horror (Shadowman) and "sword & sci-fi" (X-O Manowar).

I heard Glory got cancelled, do you see any possibility to make it come back if the upcoming issues and trades produced better sales?

Lets say Scott Lobdell gets taken down off Teen Titans and Superman. Who would you like to see writing these series? In order to make your answer easier, let's say in this hypothetical situation Scott was taken off because he had to work on the script of the Justice League movie ;)

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In your opinion, did DC's new approach of introducing a bunch of simultaneous mini crossover events (H'el on Earth, Third Army, Hawkman: Wanted, Death of the Family, Rotworld, is there more? I cannot keep up) effected the publisher's lineup for the better or worse so far? I loved how they handled Night of the Owls, but now it all have suddenly become too much for me to keep up with and sadly, care about and in my experience, many of the new and returning readers due to the New 52 feel similarly.

Second question: if it turns out later, that the whole plot of Avengers Arena was a simulation of some sort right from the get go, would the hate still be justified on any reasonable level?

And last: the moment I'm writing this, we still don't know what will be the ending of both the Amazing Spider-Man and the current Invincible storyline (ASM 700 was supposedly leaked early though), so this question is sort of a time capsule. Popularity bias aside, which series had the better "end of an era" ending storytelling-wise in your opinion?

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This is kinda a long question, so bare with me... How much events and crossovers factor into the continuity of individual ongoing series? I prefer reading comics digitally, so I find myself in quite a dilemma when it comes to reading long running DC and Marvel ongoings from certain jumping on points. For instance, I decided to backtrack all issues of Avengers Academy - I cannot decide if I should handle it as a part of a line, reading other Avengers titles alongside with it or should I just focus on AA itself. Issue #8's recap page is already telling me, that the Hood's storyline is continuing in Avengers #7 - does it worth checking it out immediately or can it wait until I decide to read that particular Avengers volume one day? How about events? What if I decide to completely skip the limited series of the event and other tie-ins, while I read through one individual series? Doesn't this completely spoil the event which I may read in its entirety some other time? I know the stock answer is: check the contents of collected editions. But for Avengers vs X-Men: Avengers I'm not even sure AA and Secret Avengers are even tied together outside the overarching storyline of AvX. How can anyone make sense out of this clusterf*ck without investing so much time into the publisher as professional editors of Marvel do?

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What's the point of Marvel's desperate attempt to essentially keep everything in continuity that happened in the Earth-616 universe, when some of the game changing events and stories are nothing more than blatant reboot switches? I know the argument is they want to bring in new readers while keeping the long time fans as well, but as a newcomer to Marvel comics myself, many ads, promos, articles and interviews give me the impression, that if I want a better understanding of current stories, the least I could do is to get the event trades back from the time Bendis took over and rebooted both the Avengers and X-Men lines. While in reality, events like Avengers Disassembled, House of M, One More Day / Brand New Day are utterly redundant in terms of their significance to the actual series they have changed or the new ones that grew out of them. Or at least, I find those stories way better that do not rely too much on continuity porn.

Also, what's your take on the long-running controversy between Grant Morrison and Alan Moore? The debate over this was recently revived by an article from Morrison's standpoint.

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I refuse to support Quesada in any way because of the business practices he instituted during his time as Marvel's editor-in-chief.

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I'm very disappointed. Wolverine deserves at least 3 solo series. I hope there'll be an event soon where everyone'll be Wolverine to make up for this.