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Is Peter Milligan out of job now? He has been taken off from Stormwatch and Red Lanterns. He wrote one story for the first issue of Time Warp, but otherwise I could not find anything indicating he has a permanent assignment anymore at any publisher.

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I used to have quite a hard time figuring out how to organize my reading schedule when it came to the library of Marvel and DC, until I discovered that they both have released respective catalogs, such as the Marvel Backlist Reading Chronology. With the help of Comic Vine and I was able to determine the content of the different collected editions, so when I decided to prepare for Iron Man 3 and heard that the Mandarin and the Extremis technology will both play major parts in the movie, I simply organized a neat little reading order for myself.

When it comes to Thor 2, Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus is a given, since Malekith and Kurse are both creations of Simonson and play major roles in the storyline collected in that book, but I highly doubt the sreenwriters/producers turned for inspiration from only one particular writer/era.

So, my question goes to Thor experts: judging by the movie's premise, what other stories should not-so-experts look up?

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Even I don't know why, but I voted Wally West. The name "Flashbat" came into my mind and I thought it would be cool if it become a reality. Also Wally fans would get the character back.

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I got into an argument with another comic reader about Bendis' Avengers run and the creative shift that came with Jonatham Hickman. I argued that even if the Heroic Age was an attempt to finally lead the Avengers line out of the highly political, very much rooted in reality paradigm into a modernized take on the more classic, high-concept approach of a superhero team, it failed at it. That's why Hickman seems to be essentially rebooting the team with the core members, from the movie no less, being the base of expansion. The other guy argued that the style and concept behind the Heroic Age and the NOW! Avengers line is basically the same, the only reason why Hickman seems to be rebooting it is to make the new volume more accessible, otherwise it is a direct continuation of the 2010 series. Which one of us is right in your opinion?

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I checked out the first issue, even though I'm really not a fan of Brian Wood's writing, but I've found out to be having the same rigid, borderline alienating writing style as in his other works that I could not stand. DMZ might turn me (haven't checked it out yet), but as for Massive and Mara, I won't be following them.

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In retrospect, were all the Death of the Family tie-ins all that necessary? Even though I understand why would they do such an extensive crossover event out of this storyline, I'm not sure was it worth to halt the pre-existing independent story arcs.

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Saint Walker always reminded me of an anthropomorphized sperm cell.

A single sperm needs a lot of hope, indeed.

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The more info comes out about this movie, the more likely it'll be a comedy.

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Are there any mainstream characters that you would completely erase from comic book history if you could? By mainstream I mean characters from DC and Marvel that managed to appear in no less than 20 separate issues.