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Eh, I'm not sure Synch would come back. I personally loved the character but outside of his time in Generation X there hasn't been one mention of the poor guy and he seemed to get no love from writers. It was theorized that he might be able to copy and retain the powers he synchs with once in the pre-Generation X one shot special but they also described Paige's powers as "different powers with different forms, sometimes flight sometimes not" and they said Chamber would be flying with the aid of devices from Forge so I wouldn't put too much stock into that.  
Threnody's powers would fit extremely well into this storyline. Unfortunately her connection to the X-men was tenuous at best and the one mutant she really did connect with is dead. Nonetheless I would love to see her.
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Doubt it. You can do great things at one point in your career but it doesn't mean you are great forever. Chris Claremont WAS personally responsible for the creation of a lot of the X-Men mythology but he has created what are arguably some of the most convoluted and self indulgent storylines to ever see the X-titles as of late. Just because someone was amazing at one point in their career doesn't mean that they are going to be amazing forever.
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@Th3 FlAsH 123:
Lightray moves at the speed of light and it takes light eight minutes to travel from the Sun to the Earth so I don't think Lightray is any faster than Sentry. 
I mean I think that Lightray would kick Sentry's ass, but I don't think it would be because of speed.
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No. I love her on the show too. I can see why some people find her appearance to be strange on the show but I think it is totally in keeping with the character. Emma is supposed to look unattainable, and I think she looks that way on the show. Many mainstream models aren't found to be physically attractive by the general public but they definitely have a general aesthetic appeal that draws designers towards using them. I think that is what they were going for with the way Emma looks, or maybe I am reading way too much into it.

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I would say Storm just because of her consistent and strong presence in every single form of X-Men mass media. She has been in all incarnations of the cartoons and was a very prominent character in all of the movies. The same could be said of Jean, but in a lot of the media her character was changed a lot (she was de-aged or her character was changed quite a bit) while Storm has generally stayed the same as her Marvel Universe counterpart.

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I think she looks awesome in the cartoon and totally in line with her character. Her whole appearance is haughty, stuck up, and unapproachable. I think it works for her.

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Im gonna mod one of my rings to raise the dead and turn them into zombie black lanterns.

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Me too. I will be shocked if this isn't temporary. People try to mess around with the costumes of iconic characters all the time and they always end up going back to the original.
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I really like the fact that the X-books are insular. I almost feel like if they were to interact with the general marvel univerise that it would be kind of forced and weird. They keep to themselves for a reason, and I like that fact. It makes sense in principle, and while it would be easy to have Spider Man guest starring every other week or whatever to sell more books, it doesn't make sense.

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I actually think she might look really cool in diamond form with a black outfit. The contrast might be really neat.
I hate the black costume though. Emma has never, ever been predisposed to wearing anything other than the color white in all of her past appearances and her wearing the entirely opposite color scheme is just...strange. When she was a villain she wore white, all through her run of generation x she wore ridiculous variations of white outfits, and she has sported white ever since becoming an X-man. It is just too out of character for me, and I'm not even a huge Emma fan. Even pink, as ridiculous as it would look, would be more in character.