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Easily Owlman from Earth 3.  
It's pretty much a stomp. It's equivalent to putting the new Owlman up against Batman. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the comments this battle inspired though lol so it's all good.
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Haven't rented in foreverrr.

I thought about getting gamefly, but I don't think I play enough to justify the monthly cost. 
Never any time anymore...  
Nowadays I just buy a game after it's been out for a while. For instance, right now I'm playing Assasin's Creed 2.

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Only my close friends know. I guess it isn't really that apparent until someone sees my room lol. 
The new love interest has yet to find out...should be interesting haha.
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J.K. Simmons, even though I'm sure they are going to try someone new.


I can't and don't want to see anyone else as JJJ. He was absolutely perfect in the role.

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Damn...I won't be able to make that. Boo.
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@Darth Paul:
And he manages to do so without flight, fighting skill, superspeed, or superior intellect either. Exactly.
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The End

I used to love the character but I don't find him interesting at all anymore.  
WWH was awful and made no sense. 
In general I'm just sick of him beating characters he has no business beating and I haven't enjoyed his book since Peter David stopped writing him. Planet Hulk being the only exception.  
Oh, yeah and he's my brother's fav character so that alone is annoying.
On a side note, I'm suprised Spider-man isn't up there yet. I know a lot of people that find him annoying...I'm not one of them though.

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I vote Lex, please.

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Hopefully she plays xavin  if anybody... 
but to be honest, I could do without xavin in the movie. She wasn't in the frist story arc.
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Nightwing wins. 
Dick would wins anyways in a straight-up fight, but giving him his standard gear (vastly superior to anything Catman has shown) makes it kind of a blowout. 
Yes I know Catman "held his own against" Bruce in a brief h2h encounter, but I think that was mostly due to Bruce underestimating him/not expecting such a vast improvement out of him.