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Apparently i'm part of the 'nobody" group that likes DC better overall.
Imo among Action Comics, everything going on with Batman, and The new Flash series that DC is just killing it right now.  
But Marvel has their goods too. Jonathan Hickman is a FORCE to be reckoned with for sure. 
Anyways, hopefully making this thread helped you connect with some other people that don't necessarily like Marvel better :)

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@GreenLanternFan said:
"in flight cannonball is unstoppable like juggs...  i mean if they go head to head into each other who would push the other one back? "

Juggernaut pushes Cannonball back.  
I've never seen Cannonball described as "unstoppable". Maybe "virtually unstoppable". His blast shield makes him invulnerable, maybe you're confusing invulnerable with unstoppable? 
Regardless, Juggernaut's powers are mystic in origin and make him 100% unstoppable once in motion. Juggs wins.
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@comicdude23 said:



by BFR no doubt, and by massive KO or death if Juggs has lost his mystic shield.
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I am actually going this year
Flying in all the way from Boston! Sooo excited. 
Hopefully a lot of other viners are going this year too. My friend and I could probably use some drinking budies haha.
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@_Courage_ said:

"@spidey 15 said:
"IMO. Logan should beat deadpool after a hard fight and DD should beat Moon Knight after a good fight as well. =] "
I agree. "


This for me as well...even if the matchups were flip-flopped.
Team 1 has the skill edge for sure. The only advantage Team 2 has is their equipment but that shouldn't be enough here to grant them the win. Unless someone has an argument for either Deadpool or Moon Knight carry sonic weapons as part of their standard gear lol... Joking! Nobody actually try to make that argument!
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#1 on my xmas wichlist. My fav story of all-time.

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Bar far, my absolute fav book on the shelves right now.
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" @G-Man: 
* looks at thread title *
ahem - Miss Sinister. Please, respect her choice. We live in a free country  ^_^
and its possible...if you ever read the Gambit Origins 1-shot...
Remy's very first job for the guild was for Essex, and he had to steal DNA samples
from the Weapon X facility which happened to fall on the same exact moment of Weapon
X's now classic escape from containment.
I was wondering about this that one-shot considered canon, do we know?
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Absolute All-Star Superman 
...And SOMEBODY better know me well enough to get it for me!

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My favorite story of all time is ACTUALLY going to made into an animated movie...I can't wait.