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I gotta go with Team 2 
While Taskmaster is certainly has the potential to beat Batman, Batman has the far superior intellect (general intelligence as well as strategic) and equipment. While Taskmaster may have more lethal weapons on him, Batman has too many ingenius tools in his arsenal that could either restrain or incapacitate Tasky if things went south for him in the h2h department (which they most likely would in a prolonged h2h battle with Tasky) . Batman has far more proven feats as well, while Taskmaster, despite his excellent skill set, has low showings against people like Deadpool and Moon Knight.  
Slade vs. Cap is a close battle, but to my knowledge Deathstroke DOES in fact have the the strength and intellect advantage, while their combat skills are close to even ...
Not saying that those are the two matchups that would defintely come about in this battle, but this seems to be how the discussion has been going in here up until this point. Team 2 is the overall more intelligent team anyways with the superior equipment overall. I have to give them the majority here.
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Too much. Just too much.
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Speed is irrevelant. U.S. Agent doesn't have enough to put Ben down for the count. The Thing wins eventually.
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Reed (with 3.5 days prep) plus this team should definitely be enough to exploit Prime's weaknesses (physical as well as psychological) and take him down.

Reed, Surfer, and Thanos alone might be able to pull this off...

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This is my absolute favorite book on the shelves right now so I guess I have to agree, despite the fact that Superman is my  overall favorite comic book character. I'm a huge Paul Cornell fan also though so it's tough to discern whether I'm enjoying the book so much because of the main character switcheroo, or just because of Cornell's brilliant and ridiculously  fun writing. I guess I'll find out when Superman returns to the book under Paul Cornell in #900...
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Jack Nicholson is a complete fantasy. He will NEVER voice the Joker in a DC direct to Blu-ray /DVD movie or television series. They will never be able to afford him.
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LMAO @ "fire support" from Robin and Batgirl...
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I applaud them thinking outside the box  with additions like Super Skrull, X-23, Dormammu and Taskmaster...but i still would have liked to see them be a little more creative. Dormammu was definitely a shocker for me especially without without Strange in the game so I kinda wish that spot went to someone else. My ideal additions (but probably not the most practical overall lol) would have been: 
Ghost Rider 
Iron Fist 
.Jamie Madrox 
Captain Marvel  
Cable -great in the last game
Noh-Varr - I just think there are so many cool moves they could make with his unique and varied abilities
Silver Surfer -Galactus without Surfer = Fail but i understand about board issues
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I would be COMPLETELY ok with this if they didn't try to call themselves The Avengers. I'm willing to accept everything else and I'm VERY excited to see this team in action...but how could they be The Avengers before the name was originated by the Wasp? Better yet, why  do they NEED to be? Why can't they  just be another (awesome) gov't super team that we didn't know about?
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No way. That would be effectively neutering the character and I hope it never happens. I don't think he will become a member of FF, he'll just help Reed in some big way. Doom can't be trusted and it should stay that way. Screw character evolution, I fear change.