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How someone can be so knowledgable and yet so humble... No one is more deserving of this award. Congrats, Morph, hope all is well.

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I could have sworn that In all of Hickman's interviews, which i read a TON of, he said that johnny wouldn't be back for a while, that FF was the the evolution of the team he was building to, but he would definitely be back eventually... but this?  I just don't understand why they would bring Johnny back already. And if that's not what is going on then these teasers are just completely nonsensical and misleading lol. oh well... I trust in Hickman. Enough with the teasers already though!

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Ooooh loved this game...but i also remeber desperately wanting to play as Namor and Wonder Man as well. 
Anyone remember the Spider-man arcade game  where you could also be Balck Cat, Namor, and Hawkeye? That was a great one with such a random awesome cast... 
You guys should review the Punisher sega  genesis game as well. 2nd player got to play as Nick Fury in Co-op mode! That fact alone is worth it.
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Plasma Hoola-hooping? Really? Who thought that was a good creative idea? Red just doesn't look right either...


I'm really not feeling what they're doing with Havoc in this movie but other than his cringe-worthy scenes, I expect to enjoy this.

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The writing and the artwork
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I have no idea what an admantium bullet does to Wolverine's skull...buuut him and x-23 are pretty ruthlessly efficient together especially  considering both sides have prep in this scenario. Green Arrow and Deadshot DO have a chance to win here as the expert hunter/ assasin team...but i think Logan and X-23 can make better use of the prep. They have to be able to close the distance though and Laura can be incapacitated with a bullet to the skull. Logan can potentially solo here though anyways considering his uncanny ability to tank shots and keep coming.   
I'm going to go with Team 1 for now until I can find out  for sure just how much an adamantium bullet can affect Logan.
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@Jake Fury said:
"I waste too much money on food. "

I'm right there with you. Most of my expendable income just goes right into my body. I eat a ton.
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I can't wait to get out of work to buy Avengers #11 now. 
I can't remember the last time i was this comic book excited!

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Damn...I still really like that armored Daredevil costume. There goes all my credibility on this issue.
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Ehh, I think it's a bit of both: your taste is evolving and Marvel has been slipping (in my humble opinion). 
I'm not reading much Marvel anymore myself either...just Fantastic Four, which is excellent, and once in a while I'll pick up an Avengers title  to see what is going on. As I've gotten older, reading comics has become more about following teams of writers and artists than the actual characters, which is a little sad in a way haha, but it is what it is. You want to see those beloved characters written true to form, don't you? You just have to do a little research and be pickier than you were when you were younger and easier to please. 
On a related note, I think Marvel let's Matt Fraction write mediocre-at-very-best Uncanny X-Men comics based solely on the merit of his excellent Invincible Iron Man comic. Poor X-Men...