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I found this to be pretty mediocre, barely an average comic at best, and considering the creators involved, that's pretty disheartening for the flagship title for the start of this reboot. A lot of wasted potential for a first issue. 
I get why they did what they did so that Batman and Green Lantern could look like complete opposites (because that's a fun dynamic to play around with) but they did so completely at the expense of Hal Jordan. He comes off as a complete fool and pretty unlikable in the first issue. I don't see why that desirable in the new JL.I did enjoy his constructs though, not your typical Hal Jordan fair for once. And the costumes actually haven't bothered me yet, at least those displayed for the 3 characters in this issue.
But really? Superman's first appearance and action in the DCnU is to attack Green Lantern almost completely unprovoked? Really??! 
Bad form guys. Hope issue 2 brings something more to the table.

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Haha, yeah I hear ya. The list DOES need to be updated though. Not to sound fickle, but Hal is probably going to be moving down a few pegs.
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I had huge hopes for this book and so far I'm shockingly just not feeling it.  
Some of the characters feel a little "off" to me and this mission to mars story isn't really pulling me in... the pace of this first story arc just hasn't been terribly enjoable for me either.
I'm dropping the book until the trade comes out. I think, if anything, this would make a much better story to read in a trade format.
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That might be the single coolest thing I have ever seen...
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@inferiorego said:
"@OhTru:  DC has a great selection of comics geared towards children and pre-teens. If your kid (well not you since you didn't write that) wants to read the Flash, there are at least two books involving him. This ain't 1960, stories and writers evolve. Would you still want to read characters with silver age personalities and silver age stories? You'd be lying if you said yes.   My opinions on Geoff Johns, and his work are based on what I've read, not what people say about him on the internet, or in real life. Believe it or not, my opinion isn't going to be swayed by what another viner says about him, or someone's sob story about their 8 year old son. I love reading Flash Rebirth and Green Lantern. It's solid, entertaining writing. "

Thank you for this.
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oh my jesus...really?
No, no cosmic awareness at all. Nothing even close.

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@Obsurity said:

"I can't wait to see the artwork! I kinda liked Red Robin but I could hardly get past the sub par artwork. The pic above and others I've seen Tim looks like a teen. In the previous issue when Tim is in his custume, he looks as old as Dick or Jason "

Same here. Wasn't loving the interior art on this either but this is one of my fav books right now, Last ish was pretty weak overall but I can't wait for more especially with the new art coming. Can't wait for this: