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Hi gang,

Well, our kickstarter has only about a week left to go, so I’m getting on the track here and doing some promoting.

Or campaign is raising money to self-publish a 200 page art book, Thrilling Visions 2 – PANDEMONIUM BLVD., that covers all the neat, lost stuff that fell through the cracks here over the last 30 years. There’s unused flaming Carrot covers and drawings, all my weird FAR SIDE like cartoons, sketches, artwork, unpublished projects and even the first Flaming Carrot drawing ever. There’s also a lot of short little one and two page reminiscences, anecdotes, and ruminations on things like creativity, surrealism and art.

Sorry, no drones though.

Here’s a quick-link to our project on kickstarter.

Here’s a preview of my personal pick of the 18 oddest, strangest and most surreal drawings in the book.

Now the way kickstarter works is that we put up a project – offer incentives (or things you get when you pledge when you give money to the cause) – you pledge – and when the campaign is over, we send you all the great things that we put on the block and your credit card or account is billed but kickstarter and Amazon, who take 10% off the top.

This gives us a chance to sell a lot of cool, out of print, Flaming Carrot collectables for a good discount but still more than what we would get by going through distributors where we lose 60 or 70%.

So here’s a link to a video rendition of the The 18 oddest, wildest, most disturbing drawing from Bob Burden's new artbook, narrated by me!

Please feel free to pass this info on to all your friends and fellow comicbook or weirdness fans too.

Your pal,


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Hi, Roxanne here!

Hope all has been well on ComicVine!

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@M.S. Feather:

Glad you like it, Feather!

But you failed to mention to the folks here at CV that the box Glows In The Dark! ;-)

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@M.S. Feather:

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@M.S. Feather:

It's in the store now!

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@M.S. Feather:

Your Lupin box is done, Feather. I'll be posting it in the BobBurdenComics store in a little bit. That way others can see it, but I will only sell it to YOU. We already have all your information because you've been in our system since the kickstarter. ;-)

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@M.S. Feather:

I was hoping it WOULD be, but no such luck! Sigh...

Tonis is having to manage all the stuff that Bob didn't do when Tony wasn't around cracking a whip on his butt. Bob's lazy...what can I say?

And I'm having to deal with BS that came up last summer that I didn't handle correctly in the first place. I'm lazy too. :(

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@M.S. Feather:

Roxanne again. Take your time, sweetie. I have a bunch of other stuff I have to take care of right now.

And thanks for offering to put The Hacienda into some kind of logical order when you where there. I don't think it will EVER happen! Tony has been trying to get Bob to operate in any way that makes sense in the real world for the last couple of years, and I've been doing the same for decades.

The next time you come to Atlanta, you'll have to come over to MY place and see my treasures! My anal-compulsiveness will make you wonder how Bob and I could ever even have anything to do with each other. LOL!

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@M.S. Feather:

Do you still want a Lupin box, Feather? Are you coloring some images that you like? ;-)


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Hi there, DarkX Seraph! Funding through kickstarter is not a problem for people with a track record, who already have thousands, even millions of fans. For people who don't have a fan base yet, it's a question of building up an audience first. Without an ALREADY popular product, kickstarter could be be a grave disappointment. Bear in mind that kickstarter is not FREE. If a project doesn't meet its goal, the kickstarter might cost the creators of an unknown entity plenty

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