So idiotic, it works!

This list is a expansion to to my previous list marvels-top-ten-most-idiotic-characters. Focusing on all (well, more like 10) of the things that are idioticly brillant. Plus, this time im counting all comic universes. please comment. 
10. Penguin   
Why idiotic: Hes a fat, disfigured miget who uses umbrella's as weapons. 
Why genius: Penguin's a icon, hes been in it since the fortys and has been top 5 bat villain for decades.

9. Ventirloquist and Scarface 
Why idiotic: Getting killied by a dummy is bad, but its worse when your killied by a dummy wih a puppet!(cricket) 
Why genius: Its a unique idea. no ones copied it and no one will. plus, good backstory.

8. Leader 
Why idiotic: Hes brain isn't big, its vertical. 
Why genius: Hulks number one villain (not counting Ross, I think hes better than Abomination), and one of the smartist marvel villains is pretty good. 

7. Blob 
Why idoitic: The mutant ability to be fat.
Why genius: Blob an icon Xman villain.
6. Toad 
Why idoitic: A tounge is not a weapon, stop licking the X-men!
Why genius: I still get shit for putting toad on my other list, so he has a Fanbase. Plus, Toad is cool.

5. Bizarro 
Why idiotic: He comes from something called 'Bizarro world', talk backwards, has a ugly ass face, and has no intelligents.
Why genius: Bizarro is not only a a great superman villain, but Bizarro has had his own episode on Seinfield.   
4. Hit-Monkey
Why idiotic: The assassin who slings poop at you. 
Why genius: Its a brilliant concept. Plus, i love monkeys.
3. Violator/ F##k up clown 
Why idoitic: Can you think what was going through they minds when they thought of this joker. 
Why genius: This a villain who is scary, creepy, funny, disgusting, and evil all at the same time.
. M.O.D.O.K 
Why idiotic: He is a big headed baby, nuff said.
Why genius:with the popoulality MODOK getting these days, I think we're 5 years away from a MODOK movie.
1. Marvel Zombies 
PURE GENIUS, make a comic where Heroes are zombies and the rest are snacks. EPIC WIN! 
 thanks for reading... 

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Posted by jeanlucpicard

I thought Penguin was only DC?
Posted by velle37
@jeanlucpicard said:
"I thought Penguin was only DC? "

Penguin, Ventriloquist, and Bizzaro are DC..... 
Spawn has crossed over with DC, but I think he's separate.......
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Toad = f***ing awesome.
I like M.O.D.O.K. too, I think he deserves more respect.

Posted by Arevish

Cool article ^^

Posted by TenEyedMen

Charlie Sheen should play MODOK.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I`m glad that you included Penguin, Scarface and Ventrigoluist and Toad. Great list.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Hit-Monkey is far from a brilliant concept.

Posted by velle37

Bizzaro has no intelligents.......

I wonder how many intelligents I haz........

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Great article, man!

Posted by nickthedevil

Violator wasn't an idiotic villain... And neither was leader or Bizarro... But whatevs i guess. Opinions vary.

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Zombies aren't idiotic.

The zombie craze swept through Hollywood not half a decade back. Marvel was simply capitalizing. I'm a fan of the genre, but don't care at all for Marvel Zombies, to be frank. I like the survivalist horror aspects, Marvel immediately removes that because the stories are told from the perspective of the zombies. Who have super powers. And wear spandex.

Posted by bob agent of agency x

@Amanthine: Thats why they are idiotic! (joking)

I've stopped reading Marvel's Zombie series anyway and have gotten into The Walking Dead. I see now the flaws in the Marvel zombies but I will still recomend it to those who have not read 1 or 2.

Thanks for the comment.