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Blackbolt wins this

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Jean gives them the win!

she can multitask with her tk and does not concentrate as hard as people seem to think to do many things at once. Jeans tk shield have in all her history rarely been breached, not even by the gradient pressure of outerspace and the unknown temperment of hyperspace, which she traveled through and was able to shield herself from a direct blast from Binary while staving off the radiation of a white hole. Jean can also use her tk and tp simultaneously and has done so on many occasions. An example you ask, telekinetically working on a molecular level to keep a nano-bomb from expanding thus detonating, while deadening Cyclops pain centers and "jamming" the psychic equivalent of an encyclopedias worth of information into Cecelia Reyes' mind, all three of these actions where done at the same time.

don't believe she is a slouch in the speed department, just that Jeans "action follows thought without a medium" powers are faster, like her scanning hundreds of minds at once to find a person she didn't know in a fraction of a second, or her catching a bullet in mid shot and instantly probing it's molecular structure, immediately knowing it's orgins, or her freezing an enitre metropolitan area just by thinking "Stop".

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Understand that the Phoenix Force by its nature taps into nigh limitless power!

the Phoenix is not an abstract entity or a cosmic being in its conventional description.. it is a force.. in order for that force to manifest into the physical realm (t, it must tap into the limitless source of energy originally intended for the unborn.. that is why the Phoenix then manifest itself to this magnificent bird of fire composed of pure energy.. the force itself is not a cosmic being and is sustained by life's fury cycle (life, death, and ressurection)

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@spiderman1997: Are you implying that's the level of Odin's physical durability?

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So this is how it's always going to be when Doom and prep is involved??

"DOOM FTW, because he's going to be prepared, which means he's going to figure out a way to win!" (which is okay, but then no one explains how he does it; what are the stipulations, how does he react to possible variables, like say: a being zooming into the battle field faster than the electrical impulses that sends "conscious thoughts" to the brain.."

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Any feats for Odin's physical durability.

..resistance to certain 'contact' offensive powers?? Like say, molecular combustion from a 6'4 male phasing through your body approaching speeds of light..

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I'm actually going to say Flash

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@immortalteknique: "That said I do still think that Flash can win if he goes all out for a quick KO/Kill from the beginning because if Bobby get his bearings I think the Flash will have a very difficult time pulling a victory." - What would you consider a quick KO/Kill to a unique being like Iceman? Iceman's physically body being harmed does not in ANY way affect his mental consciousness, and because of this, Flash offensive capabilities does not hinder Iceman's abilities or astral state of being, once released in the "atmosphere"..I think this is the root of what I'm saying :D

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@bmezy: He doesn't need to affect his consciousness, as long as it's a KO, Incapacitate, or BFR it's a win.

By the way, we aren't discussing about his consciousness, but whether or not he can directly control KE without using any ability that causes the effect.

"as long as it's a KO, Incapacitate or BFR it's a win" - KO/Incapacitation is percieved as a knockout, is it not. The purpose of my explanation is to show that Flash will NOT KO/INcapacitate a being that continues to fight even after the mortal shell of a body is destroyed. Speed Blitz?? fine, you just release his consciousness into the environment, enabling him to still FIGHT and use his powers! Speed Still?? Bobby can't move, fine, just transfer his consciousness into a different ice avatar, or the cloud, or the water in your grandmother's fish tank, or the sweat on Flash's face etc etc.