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@spiderman1997: Are you implying that's the level of Odin's physical durability?

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So this is how it's always going to be when Doom and prep is involved??

"DOOM FTW, because he's going to be prepared, which means he's going to figure out a way to win!" (which is okay, but then no one explains how he does it; what are the stipulations, how does he react to possible variables, like say: a being zooming into the battle field faster than the electrical impulses that sends "conscious thoughts" to the brain.."

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Any feats for Odin's physical durability.

..resistance to certain 'contact' offensive powers?? Like say, molecular combustion from a 6'4 male phasing through your body approaching speeds of light..

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I'm actually going to say Flash

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@immortalteknique: "That said I do still think that Flash can win if he goes all out for a quick KO/Kill from the beginning because if Bobby get his bearings I think the Flash will have a very difficult time pulling a victory." - What would you consider a quick KO/Kill to a unique being like Iceman? Iceman's physically body being harmed does not in ANY way affect his mental consciousness, and because of this, Flash offensive capabilities does not hinder Iceman's abilities or astral state of being, once released in the "atmosphere"..I think this is the root of what I'm saying :D

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@bmezy: He doesn't need to affect his consciousness, as long as it's a KO, Incapacitate, or BFR it's a win.

By the way, we aren't discussing about his consciousness, but whether or not he can directly control KE without using any ability that causes the effect.

"as long as it's a KO, Incapacitate or BFR it's a win" - KO/Incapacitation is percieved as a knockout, is it not. The purpose of my explanation is to show that Flash will NOT KO/INcapacitate a being that continues to fight even after the mortal shell of a body is destroyed. Speed Blitz?? fine, you just release his consciousness into the environment, enabling him to still FIGHT and use his powers! Speed Still?? Bobby can't move, fine, just transfer his consciousness into a different ice avatar, or the cloud, or the water in your grandmother's fish tank, or the sweat on Flash's face etc etc.

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@immortalteknique: Flash isn't winning this. If anything, it will be a stalemate! Although, Iceman is physically and MENTALLY too slow to do any significant damage, but Flash is fighting a being that can still and WILL fight even after his iceform is completely destroyed.Then imagine Flash finding a way to deal with an enemy that is possibly existing anywhere in the world as molecules in the environment, even the water molecules present in his body. The only way for the Flash to conceivably put down Bobby, every drop of water on the face of the Earth. He's virtually immortal if water exists, somewhere!

It's put pretty simple, here! Bobby explains how he's connected to all H20, all of it is apart of him and he can become a part of it.

Bobby's ability to transfer his consciousness is so advanced that he can use moisture inversion to not only transform their flesh and blood into water molecules, but use his powers psionically to send their consciousness (through water molecules) to various part of the world, almost instantaneously.

Basically, we all know that Iceman doesn't have any offensive capabilities to really her the speedster, however He has certain defense mechanisms that Flash wouldn't know how to get around simply because he wouldn't understand Bobby's powers. It's MUCH more than "generating" ice..That's like saying all Flash has a super speed. It's just blatant ignorance about the character due to lack of research or knowledge about their powersets.

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@shadovvlite: to be honest, the few scans that DeadIce is using makes perfect sense and explains his explanations with great accuracy. The POINT of all of this is to prove that Iceman CAN and HAS existed while using the full extent of his powers even without a body. Flash may be able to PHYSICALLY harm/incapacitate the body that Iceman took form in, but Flash STILL doesn't have the ability to affect Bobby's consciousness. Iceman in truly a psionic being that uses ice/water as avatars.

  • After having his body destroyed, Bobby PSIONICALLY transfers his own consciousness into the water of another being, reforming a body out of the moisture out of their body! This shows A.) Bobby's POWERS and EXISTENCE isn't limited to 1 corporeal form of any at all for that matter
  • There are a couple more occasions where Bobby shows that his consciousness is present in virtually everything around him. The way he explains his ability to become any part of water/ice (through hydro/cyro - kenisis) present on the face of the earth. Come to think about it, The oceans, the water vapor, lakes, cloud, any where there is H20 in any form, his consciousness is present within it. Which explains why as Ice, he doesn't need to eat, breath, sleep etc. A true elemental.

  • Here, he is shown enticing his opponent to "find" his consciousness in the icy environment around him. Asserting that it is indeed, hidden!

  • By creating ice clones, Iceman shows to be able to spread his consciousness throughout many different ice avatars by using his cyro/hydro-kinesis powers to shape and mold powerful ice sculptures out of the surrounding air each grouped with their own personality/consciousness as an EXTENSION of Bobby himself. This shows that bobby's CONSCIOUSNESS isn't dependent on ONE form of ice at one time!
  • This also explains why he's able to to feel and be apart of "everything" and "everyone". Not literally every atom of matter, but the molecular bonds that make up water i.e: vapor, ice, water, etc. He's more of a sentient entity, than human these days.

So the question is essentially, how does Flash affect a psionic elemental that isn't dependent on a human form to exist or use powers, even on opposite sides of the worlds, interchangeably..

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She doesn't get past iceman.