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meh... 0

the premise of this team is idiotic. while hal and ollie are a-list heros with alt of expirience fighting evil. the rest of the team are relativley new to superheroing(supergirl,batwoman) or have very unknown or unrecognized careers congo bill for example. also James said Ray palmer dosen't have a personality this is untrue read JLA around 27 or 37. he's a good natured, good humored professor who I doubt would use techinquethat jean used to kill sue as a means of torture....

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wow that's just ow. 0

I miss priest on black panther, sorry just needed. well hudlin is a failure at science and quote scansdaily several times."My biggest issue with Hudlin's Black Panther is that he seems determined to write every White character as either a racist, an incompetant, or both." "Why can't anybody not like Black Panther because Hudlin's writing is crap? I mean, were it a comic featuring a white character, the first thing they'd do when they saw those slumping sales numbers is look for a...

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