superhero movies quick thoughts

I've heard the green lantern movie might still get a sequal despite it's poor box office, though I doubt it. 
Apparently the people working on the new ghost rider movie are the same people who worked on the jonah hex movie. welll that's one movie people wont be seeing. 
I've seen more pics of the costume for the new superman movie and it looks pretty bad what with odd lines and material and muted colors. 
Also speaking of superhero movie cosutmes the avenger's costume look pretty good, while the "Amazing" spider-man costume looks worse ever time I see it. 
finally I'm betting the villian of the avengers movie will be thanos.

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Posted by azza04

lmao Ghost Rider pissing fire in the trailer about somes up how good that movie will be.

Posted by eatmore_payless

Supes Costume real bad man