Top 9 Wished-For Resurrections

Top 9, because I'm still too lazy for double digits. 
I'm not someone who hates death in comics. I think comics would be poorer for never killing characters. Several of my favorite stories involved deaths that played a natural and important role. Generally if the death was good, then I don't particularly want to see a resurrection just for the sake of having the character back.
On the other hand, there are some deaths that are crap. Meaningless, shock-value deaths or characters being sacrificed on the altars of other characters. With deaths so lame, I'm more welcoming to the idea of the characters being resurrected by whatever means necessary. It would be great if the resurrections turned out to be good stories, but honestly, I would just be happy to have the weak stories of their deaths undone.

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Totally agree with bringing Lian back =)