Top 9 Bat-Writers

No, I did not forget Frank Miller.

As usual, does it really need to be said that these are from my own personal perspective?

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Posted by darth_spidey195

Great list!  But I personally think that there are other good Jason writers besides Judd Winick...he is still the best one for him though.

Also, just curious, but why didn't you include Frank Miller?

Posted by Blurred View
@darth_spidey195: Mostly, All Star Batman & Robin and the Dark Knight Strikes Again are just that bad. I can't put the guy who wrote those books on this list. I consider those books to be much more bad than Dark Knight Returns and Year One were good, if that makes any sense. The bad outweighs the good basically.
Posted by darth_spidey195
@Blurred View: Yeah, I can see for Jeph Loeb, you said that you weren't a fan of most of his work, but what about Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America? I loved that story.  I think it conveyed the feeling of loss extremely well, particularly in the last two parts of the story...what did you think?

Also, Batman: Hush is actually my favorite Batman story of all time.  Partly because it is the only Batman story I can think of where all five of my favorite Batman villains appear...
Posted by Blurred View
@darth_spidey195: My opinion's mixed on Fallen Son. Some issues I thought were solid. Some issues I thought were kinda clumsy. Overall, Fallen Son is definitely not one of the things that turned me against Loeb's writing. It's probably one of his better stories.

Hush is great as like a tour of Batman's world as illustrated by Jim Lee. I really enjoyed it for the most part. I just hate Hush (the character). Tommy Elliot was such a letdown for me. All these cool Batman villains, the tease of Jason Todd, and... this guy with his weird motivation to hate Bruce. I was way more interested in Riddler figuring out Batman's identity and Harvey Dent returning whole.