Commentary on DC's March Solicitations

Justice League #7

Five years later, the Justice League still hasn't realized their excessive seams look stupid.

Justice League International #7

A bold, new and unexpected direction? Holy crap. So the book is going to be interesting?

Aquaman #7

Should Diana hide her golden lasso?

Wonder Woman #7

I also remember the myth of Hercules, making me bored with Wonder Woman's new origin.

Flash #7

Love how people think they're being more creative when they really just make a character's power simpler and more convenient. I would call it lazy writing but can't come that close to implying that this book actually has a writer. Okay, that was kinda mean.

Green Arrow #7

There is only one way a story with Oliver Queen and hot triplets should go.

Mister Terrific #7

So many titles getting new writers. But not his one. ...Digitus!

Superman #7

DC is really pushing this Wildstorm integration thing. I'm for it. If you're going to do it, do it.

Batman #7


Batwing #7

This makes me happy.

Birds of Prey #7

It's a shame. This book is actually pretty decent. But no Oracle? No Birds of Prey.

Batgirl #7

Oh, this is going to rile people up. Poor Gail. Stuck in a no-win situation.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7


Nightwing #7

Given recent cancellations, it's good that Daken has found work at DC.

Green Lantern #7

Oh stop pretending about Hal. We'd be happy with just Sinestro in the book.

Green Lantern Corps #7

Didn't John just kill Mogo? Do we need him having guilt over some random Lantern's death too?

Red Lantern #7

Nice, DC. You just gave away the twist with the human Red Lantern. At least I can say early that I called it! But will the book stop being boring by this point?

Stormwatch #7

...Can you steal that? It seems kind of heavy.

Deathstroke #7

The swords. Good lord. Why are this book's covers always so ridiculous?

Grifter #7

...Nope. Other artists can't make Midnighter's new look any good either.

Voodoo #7

That... almost ruins cleavage for me.

Suicide Squad #7

I don't suppose that is supposed to be Joker's actual face from the first issue of Detective Comics.

Men of War #7

Whoa, whoa, whoa. James Robinson and J.T. Krul? ...What have you done, DC?

Hawk and Dove #7

...This transcends jokes. It transcends many things. This may now be a religious experience.

Static Shock #7

Does Phayze know Digitus?

Posted by shroudofsorrow

Good as always, but what's your opinion on Wonder Woman and Nightwing so far? I've certainly been enjoying them both.

Posted by Blurred View


I've been enjoying both too. But I think giving Wonder Woman Zeus as a father is a mistake. It trades her more unique origin for the much overused origin of Hercules, reducing Diana now to just seeming like a female Hercules. So while I really liked the new Wonder Woman book at first, I'm kind of liking it less and less as it rolls out.

Nightwing's been good. I really like bringing back Haly's Circus and making it a part of Dick's life. It makes Nightwing seem more like Dick and less like Batman-lite, which is usually a tricky thing to pull off. I'm just not thrilled with the villain and his pseudo Wolverine claws.