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This week we saw the release of Spider-Men #1. As a Spider-Man fan, I was very excited to read this. What got me into Marvel to begin with was Ultimate Spider-Man. I felt that Brian Michael Bendis ended Peter Parker's story way too soon. But I did except the amazing send off he gave Pete. Bringing back Mark Bagley on the art was definitely a plus. Reading the final issue was definitely something I hesitated on. I couldn't believe that I was there with the final issue in my hands. I never thought I would see the end of a story that I loved. I opened the issue knowing good and well that Pete would be dead by the end of it. That made me sad. I was shocked by how sad I actually was. As I neared the end, my eyes started to water when I saw Mary Jane.

Tears stood at the precipice of breaking out of my tear-ducts and rolling down my face.With the final page, I sat there with a handful of tears on my face and my arms outstretching the comic so it did not get wet. Puny Parker no more.

Even though his story was over I couldn't help but wonder a few things. Why wasn't Kitty present at the time? Whatever happened to the Bombshells? Why did Kong move away? And just what was up with Mysterio?!! I thought he had a master plan and now we would never see him. Those were the only things that I felt sore about. I never got closure on their stories. But that's the way it works in real life. I appreciated that fact.

Ultimate Comics X-Men gave me more of the Kitty, Bobby and Johnny that I loved. It was so nice and refreshing to see them again. A continuation of a story. To see how Kitty was dealing with Pete's loss. To hear the line: "Where the hell were you?!" was chilling.

Now we have Spider-Men. (Can you say best Spider-Man team-up ever?!) We will finally get to see some more of the Ultimate Mysterio. Bendis recreated this classic villain in a fresh way. I cannot wait to see how this play out with the villain who was always too much for just one Spider-Man to handle. I have welcomed Miles into the role even though I would have rather seen Kong fill Peter's shoes. I know Sara Pichelli will deliver some truly amazing scenes throughout this series and my biggest hope is the final fight.

Here's the contest portion.

  • Tell me how you would like to see the final fight between Peter and Miles versus Mysterio. Or what you are most excited to see happen in this mini-series.
  • Winner will be chosen at random and will receive a digital code for Spider-Men #1 in a private message.
  • Contest ends on Wednesday, June 20th.
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Posted by TheAntiReVamp

Miles blinds mysterio using Impact webbing and Peter sticks him to the side of a Hungry howies.

Posted by Chaos Burn

I most excited to see if Peter will meet anyone like Ultimate Mary Jane or Ultimate Aunt May