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I don't like the art but it's not a bad story.

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That's great and all... but who's playing Flash? But I'm glad Aquaman is gonna be in the movie. DC is not known for their live-action films so I'm not sure if these movies are gonna be good. I'm just gonna have to wait and see.

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The Raid franchise are great movies so Gareth Evans would be a perfect director for Iron Fist. But is Iron Fist gonna be PG-13? If Iron Fist is PG-13, it wouldn't be a great movie, but if its an R movie then that would be better. Just how The Raids franchise were. All the bones breaking and gore prove to be a great action fight. But seeing its Marvel then it will probably be PG-13.

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seems interesting. I might do this, but I was planning to grow my facial till next semester of school starts. If that's quicksilver with the weird colored hair and shiny jacket, I though that was a girl because at first glance I thought it was until staring at it for a few minutes and the facial shaving part didn't make sense if it was. Warpath needs to bulk up. I prefer the Warpath look in X-Force.

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So World's Finest or World's Finest: dawn of justice was too complicated huh....They're really stressing this fight even though for 70 years prior Superman and batman were known as the world's finest. Damn this post Injustice era when Supes vs Bats is such a hot topic (personally i'm getting sick of it). I do like the logo though,actually no, the 'S' looks really dark. Don't dare batmanize Superman!!! Oh God...

I agree. They should have stick to the World's Finest. I really hate the fat Batman Logo. The "S" is dark it like they are showing Batman taking over and beating Superman. I'm a Batman fan but this is just too much. I don't like the bat suit he's wearing and I didn't know there was a bat symbol till someone pointed it out. It blends it as if it was just outlined.

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that was alright. I would like to see The Batman tv series

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Looks awesome. The person that voices Nightwing plays Shrapnel from Arrow.

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Dick Grayson all the way. He's the first and original robin. Nightwing is such an awesome persona for Grayson.