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well when I was a kid a time or another I saw nudity in TV and really?Big deal

I think it depends of how much violence we are talking about, I don't think kids seeing nudity in media is that bad after all...but sex is another story

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Thor Headhots, srls marvel zombies durability is ridiculous low

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I'll say Thor for right now. Although speed from most versions of Hyperion has been a problem. This version may be the most powerful yet, but Thor has the advantage of having more feats, which would lead most to believe grants him the win on those grounds alone.

Secondly Molnir will be a large hurdle, at his best with it Thor has dealt major devastation and if given the chance can severely damage Hareld level beings.

I gotta give it to the Prince of Asgard after one hell of a fight if both are at their best.

Isn'tKing Hyperion the strongest version?

Also Thor wins

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@chu42t said:
@bluehope said:

@chu42t: Sorry but I don't even like Thor

And yes Thor have way more powers than superman :energy absorption,molecular manipulation,teleport,thunder control,wind control and way other more, his magic hammer is almost a plot device that showed literally many dozens if not some hundreds of powers

And Thor reacted to FTL enemies many and many times he also defeated superman copies more times than we can count like Gladiator(who have better overall feats than new 52 superman) and Hyperion

Also Thor have Superspeed

@bluehope:Thor... does not have superspeed. As I already said, he can fly faster than light. But he doesn't move fast in combat. Everyone knows that. He may have superspeed compared to some mortals, but against Superman, Thor will forever be Slowdinson. Thor is weaker than Superman. There are people on this thread who claim Master Chief is nearly as strong as Thor, which is obviously untrue. But Superman benched the earth for 6 days with hardly any sun. Show me some strength feats. And yes, Mjolnir has many different abilities. But Thor does not have a lot of feats with these abilities, and they are useless against Superman anyhow.

Thor DOES have superspeed, he hit quicksilver easily, he hit ftl enemies over and over again(silver surfer,gladiator,sentry), he flight to the sun in seconds and he saw Hermes moving while characters without super speed couldn't, he have all the kinds of feats for speed, he can SEE ftl he can REACT ftl and MOVE ftl so he have superspeed

Thor lifted the midgard serpent easily who is bigger than Earth, Thor overpowered Gladiator,Hercules and Silver Surfer. He is at the very least Superman level in strenght

Thor used energy absortion many times that is one of Superman weakness, Dr Polaris stated that Superman could easily be defeated that way

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I just don't get it how Thor could hold his own against him if Sentry have overpowered Molecule Man and split Ares in half with his bare hands easily in the same story

Thor didn't,Bendis in interview said that Sentry allowed himself to be killed by Thor.

And if you read Uncanny Avengers,Sentry curbstomped Thor two times.

oh ok thanks,I get it now

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Avengers:Iron Man,Captain America,Hulk(World Breaker) and Thor

Villians:Lex Luthor,Deathstroke,Doomsday(HP) and Black Adam (all pre 52)

Round 1:Random encounter

Round 2: 1 week of prep

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@reno117 said:
@bluehope said:

@reno117: Sorry but are you trying to troll me?Chief killing Thor?

Thor survived a a planet burst, a supernova, celestials blasts etc

Also Thor as I said right now have durability feats even better than Superman and similar strenght, saw and reacted to FTL opponents like Hermes, Silver Surfer and Gladiator

First of all, I didn't use that Thor..if I had I would noted it from the start. Thor surving a planet burst doesn't say to me nothing..and I said he has the ability no that can easily go and take his head or something like that.

What?Those are are feats of 616 Thor aka CANON Thor, if you are not using this Thor then you should have said that before in the descritption

And no, Chief don't have the "ability to kill Thor" in any way, none of his weapons have feats that sugest that he could hurt Thor in any way, his speed and strenght are way too low to be a threat to Thor and he can't survive or evade a single Thor attack

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Sentry,Doosmday,Black Panther,WW,Captain Marvel(DC),Hawkeye,Thor