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All of these are great options though I think the most important ingredient that we'll need at this point is a compelling plot. We already know Tony Daniels is going to deliver on the eye candy and now we just need a story that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Deathstroke needs obstacles to overcome all while showcasing his tactical prowess. We need to see Slade thinking ahead of his enemies and surprising the audience with the tricks up his sleeves.

Aside from that he needs a compelling antagonist. The closest we came to Deathstroke having a recurring enemy in the previous run was the mercenary "Legacy" who continued to resurface due to particular reasons I won't spoil. Pin Slade up against someone people will remember, someone that will make Slade a better mercenary for the experience of shedding their blood.

Have him interact with more heroes and villains. The possibilities are endless when you have such a gray character like Slade.

Give him a fair sized interesting supporting cast. It can be like Green Arrow's 2 or 3 people behind the scenes. I think that was one of the main things the previous run suffered from. Deathstroke was always on his own and occasionally interacted with Peabody who dropped off the face of the earth entirely once Liefeld and Jordan stepped up to the plate. We need Slade to bounce off of someone and not clutter the pages with thought boxes.

Lastly, we need to get away from entire arcs finishing with "It was Slade's kid A,B, or C the whole time! You know, because they hate him!"

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@viin said:

he needs a good origin story on how he lost his eye and gains his enhanced abilities...there are so many different stories.

I kind of like how they never explained how he lost his eye. I think they showed just leave it a mystery......

They have actually. Pre-52 his wife shot him in the eye. New 52 his eye was shot by a nameless Korean soldier. Thanks Liefeld.

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i agree he is amuderic assasin With no life except killling

1. Amuderic?

2. You've never read one volume of Deathstroke if you don't know just how rich with history his personal life is. His story just doesn't happen to be told time and again with slightly different perspectives like certain characters to the point where it's ingrained into the public's psyche.

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@jwalser3 said:

Jesus Comicvine. I like Slade too, but come on.

Slade is the character of the month. He's going to be featured prominently throughout July. Same as Moon Knight I believe last month. Don't know how this is flying over people's head.

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I'm guessing Deathstroke won't be on Suicide Squad for long then?

Also I really like the new armor design, it looks like a mix of the Pre-52 Promethium armor and the New 52 Nth metal, also I'm glad that the giant shoulder pads seem to be gone.

Anyways here's hoping Daniel's writing will be as good as his art.

It'll probably be just like Harley Quinn. Part of the Squad and his own on-going.

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Deathstroke by Marco Checchetto

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Normally I don't judge books by their art but what the hell is that?

I've never wished there was a light switch in a comic book before.

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I'll have to get my double dose of Punisher with Punisher #2 and Superior Spider-man team up #10.

Also Savage Wolverine.

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I'd really like to see that Deathstroke movie get made. Suicide squad and team 7 would be pretty sick as well.

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@zeroplus: Every character "Needs" a movie but having these other lower budget movies won't effect everyone's precious big 7. If anything it will help raise funds for bigger and better movies to create a rich/diverse cinematic universe.