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Bluebell Origin:Blossom of a 'flower child'

After Madame Rose's powers started to develop so did her younger sister's, Bluebell, powers. It was thought at first that since they lived together that Bluebell gained her powers through close proximity to Rose. It was later revealed that Bluebell was not related to Madame Rose at all or from this world! But part human/fairy (along with some elf). She was left with her human mother because in the fairy world they were outcasts, so much so that the fairies turned Bluebell's real father into dust when he tried to come to the human world with them.

A Mother's Love

Bluebell as a child and her mother playing

Unfamiliar to the human customs and culture her mother was constantly learning and adapting. Working in a factory by night and taking care of the house by day. She still possessed magic abilities but had to use them to cloak her true form and shield Bluebell's existence. She met a man (Rose's father) and they fell in love. Everything was going well until one day Bluebell's mother came home to the inflamed. She rushed inside to save Bluebell and her step sister Rose, they all made it out but her wounds were too great. The doctor's feared she wouldn't make it through the night...but her fairy healing powers kept her alive. Knowing she couldn't stay in the world of the living for long she passed along the fairy secrets and magic powers to her daughter before she died.

Mr. Rabbit-The Guide

Bluebell was gifted with several new skills and talents after her mother passed, the one that scared her the most though and excited her at the same time was a key to the mystic world her mother had come from. Her step father knew of Bluebell's mother and allowed her and Rose to travel there for answers. He called upon the guide her mother had put in order for when Bluebell would be old enough...but with the sudden passing it seemed the time for Bluebell to grow up came sooner than later.

The Journey

After the journey, Blubell contemplating life and what is right for her...

Rose and Bluebell journeyed into the world that Bluebell had always thought were only that of fantasy and fairy tales. Mr. Rabbit guided them to the utopia that her mother had grown up in, it was called Elsysium Kingdom of the fairies and woodland creatures. You had to go to the growing violet tree of life and make sure you were pure of heart. The tree would either summon of the floating earth that made up Elsysium to get you, or crush you with it's branches or roots. The glowing tree swayed it's branches as it summoned three boulders to carry the travelers to the kingdom of Elysium. Mr. Rabbit took Rose and Bluebell directly to the king and queen, where there Bluebell discovered her fate. She was a part of the royal family, not one to receive the crown directly. But gifted special abilities that only her family of fairies had. Such as the gift of granting those without the ability to fly, invisibility, and shapeshifting. Bluebell looked onto the King and Queen as they invited their long lost cousin to stay and study her craft with her other cousins, not only to develop her skills but meet the rest of the family as well. She told them of her life in the human world and how she came here so young. They were saddened to here of her mother's death and allowed her to stay as long as she liked. She told them also of Rose's power and that took a liking to her cheerful personality and nature abilities so they allowed her to stay and train. The kicker was Bluebell had to stay until she was 16, the ripe age when all fairies could truly say they have mastered the basics and made headway in their craft of choice. Bluebell had no real training at all,and 16 meant she would have to be there for two years. They said they would allow Mr. Rabbit to travel back and forth to deliver messages and items, and her and Rose would receive proper training and schooling here. The king and queen looked into each other's eyes and then looked down at the young scared girl, and decided that it was up to her but they would let her return home and if she so chose she could come back and live here until her sixteenth birthday. But while she was here she might as well check it out and discover some of her powers. They zapped her with a spell and her hair turned a shade of blue, ears pointed, and wings sprouted from her back. She grinned from ear to ear, ecstatic to not having to decide right then, and then to also be living the dream her mother had allows wanted to. She flew around the corridors some and then dusted Mr. Rabbit and Rose with some of her fairy dust and allowed them to fly with her. The King, Queen, and court cheered at the sight of Bluebell's laughing and skyward acrobatics. They flew out of the kingdom and into a nearby forest area, they stopped at the two setting suns and watched the suns set. Bluebell let a tear from her eyes as she took a seat on the edge of a cliff that seemed to dip into the sun's light. "Mom what should I do now?" She asked herself as she forgot about her companions and just allowed the warmth of the setting sun to warm the absence that had consumed her heart.

Powers and Abilities

  • Can shrink to the size of an insect
  • Fly via fairy wings or fairy magic
  • Can grant others the ability to fly via fairy dust
  • Invisibility
  • Current look and Bluebell using her beam attack
    Photon Beams
  • Can Generate Force Fields
  • Healing powers
  • Regeneration
  • Enhanced speed
  • Teleportion
  • Portal Teleportation
  • Shapeshift into living or nonliving things
  • Communicate with nature (plants, animals, etc.)
  • Minor weather manipulation
  • Minor arcane and elemental control