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First off, I think Jesse Eisenberg is a very talented actor and I enjoy a lot of his movies.

to understand my reasons you need to see Lex's character the way I see him (no that I see him better or worse then anyone else. The real reason that Lex hates Superman is that Lex has a superiority complex and all the aspects of his life are based around this.

Reason 1: Being Bald- Now I know some of you are saying, what does having hair or no hair matter to the character but Lex's baldness is a defining characteristic in why he has a superiority complex, when he was younger he felt inferior and embarrassed from his baldness and it is one of the defining reasons why he needs to make himself superior over everyone. Jesse would look terrible Bald.

Reason 2: Muscles- Lex has always been a very muscular guy and In many representations of Lex he is even shown as being more muscular the Superman (not stronger obviously). Lex makes himself extremely physically fit to help himself feel stronger and better then those around him. I cannot picture a ripped Jesse Eisenberg, it could be done, but It would feel weird to me.

Reason 3: Age- Lex should be an adult, he needs to be someone who owns a huge company, fought and done whatever he could to get rich and be an extremely successful businessman. Now I know that this could be done by a young adult as well ala Zuckerberg, but I feel he needs to be someone who has been rich for a while as to be trusted by many americans who will back against Superman, also I feel like someone who has just became rich could not dedicate their new life goal to destroying superman then someone who has been rich for a while and does not need to watch over their company as much any more

Reason 4: Speech- Lex has to be able to make loud boisterous speeches to the public, to superman as superman is almost defeated, hell he even became president. I don't think I could picture Jesse being loud or being on stage rallying an audience to vote for him or to join him against Superman. he would be the more cold calculating type who would quietly tell superman how he's defeated. Another version, but not how I picture Lex.

Once again I do like Jesse Eisenberg as an actor, and honestly, I think he could make a killer non goofy Riddler, or even a badass Calculator. But these are just my opnions, please be gentle.

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I've also read around that some comic fans think that basing the film on 'New Frontier' would give us both a JL film and reboot GL

I doubt it, but that would be really crazy!

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So this beast Joshua Dunlop has made a realistic version of all 150 kanto pokemon with summary (and some epic bonus art which you see here) you can see all 150 here:

And now he is making a epic kickstarter, Please Please Please check out his video here:

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@lilben42 said:

That's a cool way to handle it. I was thinking Hal and John could be partners and Hal leaves to do something leaving John guarding Earth.

Yeah, that's kinda what I am saying. You need one for JL movie just for a better balance, but i can see them both being in the GL movie, when their story can be better fleshed out.

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So the big issue for the JL movie is which Green Lantern should we use. Hal or John. we have the actual first human GL, or the one that adds diversity to the movie and is well known thanks to the Justice League/Unlimited TV series. There is also the issue of the recent Green Lantern movie and them wanting to reboot it. Here's how I would do it:

Now I don't know exactly if this movie takes place with the formation of the league, or if they are already formed, but regardless, I would have the movie use John Stewart.

(Hold On Hold On! What about HAL!!!!!!) I'm getting to that. I would have Hal be a Green Lantern in the movie, but he is not on Earth, and as Hal is an older and more respected lantern, Hal deal with more of the major GL issues such as universal doom and major GL threats, while John is mostly centered on Earth and deals with Earth threats. This provides a good explanation as to why Earth has 2 Green Lanterns as Hal is not just some regular Lantern and deals with the bigger issues.

If the league is forming in this movie, I would have there be passing references to this with maybe the flash says something like, "I thought the Green Lantern was white" or "What happened to the other guy" and John would reply with "He's moved on to bigger and better things" implying all I've said above.

This solves so many issues. diversity somewhat, The Hal vs. John issue,with them both sort-of in the movie. Also using John Stewart as a second GL takes care of rebooting Hal Jordan with a new actor or new personality, as that movie could practically remain in continuity with JL taking place years later. This could also lead way for the actual GL movie to do what the Iron man movies did where they had it central around John Stewart and as movie 1 is an earth threat and Hal Jordan is only a background character offering advice and debating with the guardian for Johns favor. But in the much higher stakes second movie, They team up to take down some major universal threat, like in Iron man with War Machine.

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STEPHEN LANG 1000 times yes

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: My issue with him being in Injustice is that the primary thing in fighting games is melee attacks, which Deadshot doesn't do. or at least melee weapons for characters that aren't the most powerful fighters like Catwomen's and Raven's claws and even Harley Quinn pistol whips you. Deadshot would primarily use the wrist pistol's so he can't even do that. I do think he would be cool for a star labs mission where he shoots at you and you need to reach him before he gets rid of all your health.

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My only issue is that superman's costume should be brighter to better resemble the bright colors used in comics. I thought it was the costume from the new movie at first with the way the S looks

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Before 1st grade, I thought that for the TMNT, Michelangelo had a magical weapon that could transform into other weapons because his Nun-chucks would look like helicopter blades in pictures.