How I would have done the New52 Young Justice Group Comics.

Here we go, the Culling was a great idea, but it was very poorly done. It should have been a major event literally crossing over all the young justice books. But first let me start with:

The original teen titans are all to old but there was a five year gap, so to appease old readers, I would have books like Nightwing, Red hood and the outlaws, and justice league. I would have these books make small mentions of an original team.

Cyborg: he's the founder of this team, was the Justice league member "liaison" for the original team, The leader. Cyborg forms the team so the JL can keep an eye on these powerful teens for the Justice League--------------- As of now, still on the Justice League and recalls the Old TT in the Justice league book during scenes where they were fighting over who leads, Cyborg says things like "I have experience leading" , then Hal says something like "Oh, Yeah, how did that end." (implying badly)

Nightwing: Batman loves control and this gives him some control over Nightwing now that he left the sidekick gig --------------- As of now In his solo books he might recall them every once in a while, like if some of the circus performers want him to join their act he could say "I have bad experience with teams" (once again implying it ended badly)

Starfire: One of the reasons the team fell apart, since she had no problems killing, which caused a rift in the team and was why her and Nightwing had a falling out and broke up. Her, Roy Harper, and Donna were what caused the team to end. (this is revealed very subtly in some of the books)--------------- As of now she and Roy are on Red hood and the Outlaws, where they imply they worked together in the past.

Roy Harper: joined during the last year of the team after his falling out with Green Arrow, because he would kill, and that was the final straw that caused the team to fall apart.-------------- Same as Starfire

Donna: Wonder woman's unofficial side kick, an Amazonian who was kicked out, Diana felt sympathy for her, she joined the team, since she had no problems killing, it led to the team falling apart.-------------- As of now she quit the super hero thing and returned to Themyscira. But might return if needed

Wally: We know his origin, --------------As of now he retired and is at college but might return if needed.

Raven:------------uninvolved with anything currently but will show up during the Trigon arc happening soon (with Aquaman's age change Garth would not work) (Beast boy, i would like to be on the new teen titans)


The Teen Titans:

OK here's how I would have done it, Have it start the same with Tim realizing kids are being kidnapped, saves wonder girl, kid flash breaks out and joins, keep that the same, but There should not be Bunker, solstice, or skitter, We need to get the characters everyone cares about done with first, then we can introduce new ones. When Kid flash broke out, I would have him save Beast boy instead of Solstice, since they have the same New52 origin pretty much. So we have the main 4 characters. after getting defeated by superboy the go to NOWHERE to save him and Beast boy wants to save Terra, who he met there as well, this gives them another and better reason to go to nowhere.

Static Shock: NOWHERE was a pretty big organization, and if they really were going after all super kids, why did they not go after him? since his book got canceled after the 8th issue, right before the culling, wouldn't it make sense for his book to end with him getting captured by NOWHERE? This would help all the Young Justice books be affected and give his book a better end in my opinion.

Blue Beetle: Blue beetle has been keeping a pretty low profile in his book and since he didn't have any superpowers, I assume he was off NOWHERE's radar so this would be the only book not involved.

Legion Lost: keep their story and connection with Bart Allen the same, not really a fan of the Legion so let's just keep it the same.

Superboy: keep it the same, it worked, but if he is keeping his own solo book, does he need to be in the Teen Titans? especially with his multiple Superman family crossovers.

The Culling: So the culling had some major issues, the premise wasn't terrible, but it needs major changes, replace Harvast with someone else, he just seemed so lame to me, I didn't know what he was supposed to be and he confused the hell out of me. Also, NOWHERE needed better villains working for it, I hate Omen and Leash. Neither seemed cool or scary. Here's how I'd do it: NOWHERE is secretly the name of the project which is really led by Basilisk and HIVE working together. I would have it be lead by {Brother Blood, Queen Bee} representing HIVE and {Lord Coil and Regulus} representing Basalisk, now they need some proper villains working for them, Both Smart and powerful, people to run parts of the operation that aren't just made up characters like: Clock king, etc, people like this. and for the real Ravagers how about some already murderous teens, like Copperhead, heck, the Terror Titans for example.

Aftermath: The aftermath of the Culling is gonna be different, Now that Terra is rescued, she joins the titans with Beast boy while Static, friends with robin, joins the team as well. Later on, they could have characters like Bunker, Solstice, etc join, but only if some already on it leave for one reason or another as it is gonna get pretty character heavy.

This would lead way for 2 new books.

Ravagers: The actual Ravagers book doesn't make sense since that is the name of the people hunting the kids for the culling. I would have the Ravagers book be like the secret six, but with teens. Now that Nowhere is defeated, Rose Wilson, Warblade, and other teen hunters, from the colony like Crush, Windstorm, maybe Ridge form a mercenary team.

Cyborg: Now hear me out, the Government isn't dumb, after they learned what happened, they assigned A.R.G.U.S and Cyborg to get all these now super powered kids together and watch them, help train them to control their powers, and keep them on the right path. This book's premise is that the government now made a small settlement (Charles Xaiver's school for higher learning anyone?)....for any and all meta human kids to go and live/ learn to use their powers. lead by Cyborg and A.R.G.U.S. I would have Cyborg be the head person in charge of this operation with Caitlin Fairchild being his second in command. Some of the main characters in the book would be Solstice, and Ridge(if not in Ravagers) trying to get used to their new body. As well as Kid Devil, who was a fire breathing meta human who was captured and turned into a devil looking boy by NOWHERE.

Whoo!!! Done!!!