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Okay, I've didn't get involved with the Original Sin story arch other than the fact that the Watcher got murdered. Now I find out Cap is old and Angela from the Image Universe (or Spawn Universe) is in the Marvel Universe, which sounds kind of awesome, but now she's going to be Thor's sister?! Not sure how I feel about that, does that mean they erase the fact that she's an angel? She still is an angel right? And if she still is an angel doesn't that leave on lot of questions to be asked about true divine power? Would she not report to "The One Above All"? How did she get sent to the Spawn Universe? And in the Spawn or Image Universe wasn't she a human before she became an angel? And if she was originally and always was an angel, how the heck could she be Thor's sister unless Odin or Gaea made it with an angel? A million and one questions that need to be answered. It could be very interesting if done right. Crossing my fingers that it is done right.

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Throwing my hat in this contest! Getting out of my comfort zone, and presenting something than my own characters for a change.

I went with a more tribal look for her, and an extremely athletic physique. And it was only fitting to drop her in the middle of a jungle.

And I think the spear adds a nice touch...what do you think?

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Voting for @egod, everyone style is AMAZING, but I love the streamline look of the outfit.

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Updated as of 7/6/2014

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Sorry for not getting back to you. But if you want to showcase your artwork you can try a site that I am on called Deviant Art, or

there is Society 6 and ArtPal, there are sites my artwork is featured on.

Also I am around 245....20 pounds of it is now fat while the rest is muscle...I use to be a lot heavier, but I've been hitting the gym hard to get in target is to shed the extra 20 pounds of an come in around 230 or 220. So count your blessing your lean. :-)

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I have to admit...I am a big man (5'11" and around 245 pounds), I was close to tears when I got this from my now partner and friend. 39 years on this planet makes a person reflect on their life, the people you hope you've touched, and the people who have touched you. Last year I became an author fulling a big dream of mine, this year I am working on an actual comic book with an awesome person whose becoming like a little sister to me. Add on my wife, family, and friends that are still around I am truly a blessed man, and I thank God above for first allowing me to walk one more day on this planet of His, for all that I am, all that I have, and all that I ever will be, for without Him, and I am nothing.

Thank you LupusSoul so much for this picture, it really means a lot to me, and I will cherish it always.

For those that just want the picture without my awesomely cool name attached to it.

Picture was done by the spectacular Lupussoul, the artist behind the comic book "THE FIRST"

Sophia Dennison is a character copyright under the EVO Universe


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Updated as of 6/28/2014

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Dropped in another updated promo pic

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Wow, awesome dedication picture of Malcolm X, hats off to you sir. And thank you for appreciating my picture!

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