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Hello everyone! This morning I was on Lee Avent Look At Meon his radio station Sensual Sundays discussing my novel “The First”, my upcoming novel, and my comic book project on the series based on my novel "The First" . Feel free to check the link up top! Thanks!l

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Don't know who the artist is...but this is AWESOME...LOL

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@pooty said:

@aquaman01: they were arguing verbally. While waiting outside the elevator she walked past and slapped him. he didnt react. they got on the elevator. he said a few words in her face. she spit on him. he pushed her away. he starting backing away. she threw another punch. now people will lie and say he threw a haymaker. his back was against the wall so his arm could only go so far back. he did connect with a left hook. her head hit the steel bars that are in the elevator. Either way she was out cold. but she ABSOLUTELY was walking aggressively toward him when he punched her. You make the call.

@lunacyde: This is not rocket science. Its simple, common sense. Keep your hands to yourself. Dont start nothing you cant finish. Dont think im going to respect your rights if you dont respect mine.

Ah sir, with all due respect you might want to review that video again (mean the full extended version), because that is not what I saw.

If you see the FULL extended video, before they enter the elevator when they're near one of the pillars you will see that HE spat on her FIRST.

She then goes to smack him, but she barely touches him. When they get into the elevator more words are exchanged and he slaps her.

He then backs up as she goes to approach him, and then lays her out with a haymaker where she falls hitting the rail in the elevator.

Bottom line, he screwed himself the second he walked into that elevator. She was walking away, he could have decided, "You know what you're on some rah rah @!%& right now, so I'm going to go for a walk, I don't want to be around you right now." He had the choice to walk away.

And I think everyone is making light of a situation that could have become extremely deadly. People have died from getting hit just once, she could have died not just from his punch but the way she hit the guardrail.

She didn't corner or trap him, or block him from trying to get away. She was walking away from him, he could have done the same thing, and went somewhere to calm down, instead he did what he did, and he deserves to lose everything because of it. Unless it is self-defense which this CLEARLY is not there is NO REASON to hit a woman, or anyone for that matter.

That's my two cents.

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Does anyone REMEMBER this series, and is it considered Canon???

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Thanks again for the compliment!


I used this gif maker site to create the animation:

There is a total of eleven frames to make the animation, I planned on adding additional frames to make the transition smoother. Any suggestions on software that can edit frames to the speed needed?

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So I pulled off this really cool animation frame of my character Freedom taking flight, and I have to say I did pretty good. But the final judgement belongs to all of you. I might add music to it later once I figure out how. Enjoy!

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Wow, I love the designs for these characters and costumes, they are phenomenal!