After posting my latest blog “WRITERS ARE NOT A DIME A DOZEN…GOOD ONES ANYWAY…” I got to thinking, actually it got me motivated to search for someone to partner with on my comic book project, which would be to turn my current novel available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble titled “The First” into a comic book.

I have been to New York Comic Con 2013 and not met with much success, Deviant Art, and other sites.

Some artists express interest, but due to time frame on other projects can’t commit, and some asked to be paid up front, which I currently can’t do, and then negotiations went dead in the water.

So let me start off with what this is about.

I am a writer, now currently a self-published author of my first superhero novel titled “THE FIRST”.

The novel is both an origin story, and the beginning of this superhero universe that I call the EVO Universe.

Aside from a couple of hiccups with editing that have been corrected in the first novel, reception to the book has been beyond great, and I have had multiple requests begging for an ongoing series, which currently I am writing on the second novel to come out this year, and for a comic book.

I am currently self-promoting the first novel myself as well.

Currently I have broken down the first three chapters of the novel into a comic book manuscript that an artist willing to work on the book can follow.

I am looking not for an artist to hire.

I am looking for an artist, who wants to be apart of this universe that I have created.


Basically, I would be Stan Lee looking for Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko.

I would be bringing to the table a full script for the first book, and already created reference characters that I made from a 3D software for an artist to refer to in order to bring key characters to life in a 2D platform.

I am also willing to split the profits from the comic book down the middle once it’s published fifty/fifty, and any additional books we work on based off of the success of the first book.

The advantage to this is if the comic book is as success and well received as the novel, we have material already created for six to eight books until I finish the second novel.

The rights to the novel, and the currently made characters would be mine (they’re all already copy written under me), but I’m willing to draw up a contract where both of us split proceeds down the middle for the comic book version of the story even when it comes to a possible movie deal (which I’ve been told by countless people that the story I’ve written should be a movie).

Kevin Hart (the comedian) always does a chant before his comedy shows that go “Everyone wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work.”

Basically meaning if you want to get to the top, you have to do the work.

And everyone needs help from somebody to get to where they need to go.

If you are an artist looking to get paid immediately…please do not apply…

If you are an artist with visions for working with the BIG 2 one day, and focused on that…I wish you the most earnest best of luck…but please do not apply.

I’m looking for an artist/partner who believes within his or her own gut that their artwork is as good as or even better than any DC or Marvel artist out there today.

I’m looking for an artist/partner who WILL NOT look at this as just work on MY project or vision, but will look at this as a project that will get us BOTH to where we want to go…to the top.

Someone with that Frank Miller mindset to make the next 300, that Mike Mignola drive to make the next Hellboy.

If you’re interested either send me a PM, or drop me an e-mail at kipjo.ewers@evouniverse.com.

I will shoot you a copy written version of the script and reference pictures of the first book.

And if you’re further interested on how deep the rabbit hole goes and if the chemistry between us is good, I will send you a copy of the book itself to read, so that you know what you’re signing up for.

I will say again…this is not a job post…this is an invitation for a partnership on a project that I believe in 100 percent based off of the feedback I am currently getting will be awesome.

I am looking for someone willing to believe in that awesomeness to.

If you believe you’ve got nothing to lose…apply.

Thank you for reading.



Please note this is a blog that I wrote for another site I was on, and I just wanted to share it with my fellow artists and writers here on Comicvine. Thanks:

I decided to write this post because I happened to read an article here on Deviant art from a fellow member basically stating that writers specifically in the comic book genre are a dime a dozen, and they should be privileged when an artist decides to work on their book.

First let me begin this article by saying that this is NOT a direct attack on the person who wrote the article. I respect his or her opinion even though I may not personally agree with it. This is just me giving a different perspective from a writer’s point of view.

The basics of a good comic book is eye catching imagery, interesting characters, and a plot/storyline that will interest the reader enough to make them want to buy the next issue. If any of these are missing the book is dead in the water by issue one.

That being said, yes an artist gives a character shape, appearance, and movement within the comic book to attract the reader, but it is the writer that gives the character personality, soul, and purpose. It’s a well written story that makes the reader chomping at the bit for the next issue.

Yes there are a million and one writers out there….there are also a million and one artists as well trying to break into the industry.

And from a writer’s perspective, not to offend anyone, NOT ALL ARTISTS ARE GOOD ARTISTS EITHER.

I’ve seen my share of artwork that I view as subpar the same way an artist may look at a writer’s storyline or character and think that it’s crap and not worth working on.

What it comes down to is the skill level of both the artist and the storyteller, and like me who isn’t a good artist, but a very good storyteller based on the input of my peers, not all artists are good storytellers.

The sad thing is that in everyone’s pursuit to make it into the crème la crème of the industry, we forgot the fundamentals of how some of the greatest comic books and characters of our time were created.

STAN LEE…the writer

JACK KIRBY…the artist

They worked and collaborated together to create characters that have been read for decades, and that we now see on the big screen today.

To my fellow artists, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t continue to shoot for your dreams for possibly working on a Hulk or Superman comic book one day. But if you go around with this “Oh lord, here comes another stupid writer looking for me to collaborate on his project”, you could be passing up the opportunity to work on a story that could be the next KickAss, Sinn City, or 300.

In an industry that is so competitive and dominated by the big two, independent artists and writers should be banding together more to help one another get their work out there.

It is my opinion that most books die or don’t even get started because either the artist is also the writer and has to find the time to BOTH write a decent story as well as the artwork, or the writer whose written the story is forever searching for an artist to work on their book, when if you have a collaboration of the two working hand in hand with one another you can create something awesome.

Superman the greatest superhero of all time was the invention of two friends, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. Without either one of them the Man of Steel that we know now today, would never have came to life.

The same could be said for Spiderman, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and so on and so on. Stan Lee needed Jack Kirby’s skill as an artist to make his characters look cool, but it was Stan’s skill as a writer and story teller that also made his characters so unique and awesome, that we continue to read them now, and generations to come.

So again to my fellow artists, don’t be so quick to snub your nose when a writer comes your way, he or she combined with you might make the next superhero or comic book that fans will also be talking about for years to come.

And that’s my two cents…




So....how come you're not reading "The First"?

Available in paperback and Ebooks....in both regular and destruction collector's cover.

EVO Universe

Get it before the next title comes out (due August 2014)....



Hello all,

Tis me again Kipjo Ewers, author of the “THE FIRST” asking a simple question…have you read “THE FIRST”, and if not…why not?

I can think of a number of reasons why some may not have read “THE FIRST”:

1. I’m not into reading super hero novels, I prefer actual comic books.

2. I’m not into reading about female super heroines

3. I don’t really think it’s worth my time to read

Those are just three off the top of my head. If your answer to my question happens to be numbers one, two, or both....you can stop reading this right now.

But if your answer happens to be number three…as the author of “THE FIRST”; it behooves me to tell you…why you should be reading “THE FIRST”.

"THE FIRST" is an origin story to rival past origin stories, not only in originality but in presentation. I promise you this.

It is a story interwoven with action, drama, comedy, and romance with twists, turns, and a holy crap ending that you will not see coming.

You will be immersed into an entirely fresh approach to superhero storytelling, with characters you can both respect, love, heck even hate!

I believe this so much I am willing to issue a formal challenge right here to any member of Comic Vine willing to take up the gauntlet.

Actually I am issuing TWO challenges:


The first two chapters of my novel are available on my author website EVO Universe for free downloading and reading. The FIRST PERSON after reading the first two chapters who can find any origin story either equal or similar to the main character in my novel EXCLUDING powers, abilities, and physical appearances, and can post factual references on this blog will get a $50 DOLLAR GIFT CARD from AMAZON.COM from me. References MUST BE WITHIN A CREDIBLE COMIC BOOK OR GRAPHIC NOVEL THAT ARE RECOGNIZED HERE ON COMIC VINE. NO EXCEPTIONS...also note in this challenge I get to refute whether references are in anyway similar to my character.


The FIRST PERSON who reads my novel “THE FIRST” (in either paperback or EBook form) and can give a BLOW for BLOW honest critique on whether or not my novel hits all of the things I promise it will deliver, and can recommend whether others should read it or not and why, will get a $50 DOLLAR GIFT CARD from AMAZON.COM from me. The reply can also be posted on this blog. This challenge is a first person to the finish line challenge with me critiquing the post to verify if the person actually did read the book. If you post first and your critique proves that you read the book, whether it is a positive or negative critique you win.

When you respond in your reply post just indicate whether you are responding to Challenge # 1 or Challenge #2.

This offer is exclusive ONLY to the staff and members of Comic Vine, and the same person can win both challenges.

Also, Challenge #1 is only available from the date of this post to December 31st, 2013

Challenge #2 is only available from the date of this post to February 28th, 2014

So I ask the question again…why aren’t you reading “THE FIRST”?

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SBWire publishes the press release of "The First"


Inviting everyone to read what everyone is saying about "The First", the ground breaking sci-fi super hero novel of 2013.

And when you're done reading that, please come and visit my sight Evo Universe

There you can read the first two chapters for FREE. I promise you after you read the first two chapters, you'll want to see how far the rabbit hole goes (yes I'm coining a phrase from the Matrix...lol)

But I also promise...you will not be disappointed.

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It's been more than a year and a half working on this project, almost two when I first decided to turn it into a comic book, before I decided to switch it to a novel for cost purposes. But after much blood, sweat, tears, and a LOT of sleepless nights it is finally finished. “The First” is here.

Here is the link to my website where you can read the first chapter and a half from the book, learn more about me, and also find links where you can buy the actual paperback or eBook.

The First by Kipjo K. Ewers

This is the origin story of my superhuman universe that I hope to not just continue in novel form, but also to later translate to comic book form in the very near future depending on the buzz it generates.

With that, I lay my story at your feet, the members of Comic Vine to decide if it is good enough...to decide if I am good enough to continue.

I have been a part of this community for a while...I've been in a lot of discussions, some interesting, some heated; I've been banned for a day because of one (which was partially my fault). So I know there's no site dedicated to the genre of stories and characters that we all love that will give me a brutally honest opinion, which is what I want.

Thank you all who have supported, and hopefully will support my work.

And thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community.

Kipjo K Ewers (Writer…now author of “The First)

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Second look at "The First".....

FBI Mark Armitage travels to Gatesville, Texas to investigate escape death row fugitive inmate Sophia Dennison after she was executed prior to his arrival, she not only self-resurrected but also apparently cannot die. Armitage is now set on a journey to find and capture possibly the first living superhuman, only to be taken on a roller coaster ride to unveil not only her origin, but a deep dark hidden truth that will in the end change the planet Earth forever.

The First..."Second Look"

Introducing the second to final draft of "The First", another motivation to get behind and back this project. I promise this to be epic.

Also...here is a sneak preview of the cover itself! Please support I promise I will not disappoint!

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The First...My Very First Super Hero Novel...Evo Comics...

Hello everyone...after almost a year and a half of hard work, sleepless nights, and labor I finished my first super hero sci-fi novel. Now I'm just looking for a little backing for it. If you're interested in lending some support, or just curious about my project please give it a look and let me know what you think.

And if you do decide to support my project, thanks in advance and I promise you...you won't be disappointed.

The First...by Kipjo Ewers


Is the Red Hulk turning out to be a better hero than the original

For years General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, as battled the Bruce Banner a.k.a the Hulk, so it was a great turn of events when he actually became a Hulk, but has the man who spent most of his life and military career hunting and trying to destroy that which he has hated more than anything in his life become a better hero than the original.

Most of the times the original big Green just wants to be left alone, and not bother with humans, it’s only when he comes into contact with conflict he springs into action, him saving the world in the past is usually a case accident, the bad guy runs into him, and the Hulk trounces him, then springs off to find a place where he wants to be left alone again.

It was only recently (Before the Banner versus Hulk series) that Banner who gained control of the Hulk has been able to willing become a hero (somewhat) fighting to save the day.

Since Ross became the Red Hulk (and his plans of taking over the US was thwarted) he was recruited by Rogers to become a part of the Avengers, and despite a rocky road toward being accepted clearly he’s become the super powerhouse hero leaping into action to save the day, that the original Hulk is not. Hello he’s one of the leading heroes in the Avengers versus X-Men series taking on the Icon Juggernaut powered Colossus.

One may say that it’s because he has more control of the monster within, others may say that it’s because he’s a soldier through and through who is dedicated to doing his duty.

It could also be this…that despite his stone cold sour puss attitude and bad temper, Ross is a good person. A man with a conscience who knows right from wrong, and knows he has the power which is only second to the original to help fight the good fight which he does. And he’s gain acceptance even respect from his now fellow Avengers because they see past the red monster into his deeds that he is not only a good person, but a hero like they are.

The Hulk versus Banner series truly shows that Banner was actually the monster, not the Hulk himself; it also sparked my theory that all these years, Ross was not really hunting the monster known as the Hulk, he was hunting Banner. That he saw the potential evil lurking within Banner, and feared that with the power of the Hulk he would do more harm than good.

And becoming the Hulk himself has also vindicated Ross himself, all the years we booed and jeered Ross thinking him the bad guy for hunting the Hulk, there was a hero lurking inside ready to bust out…and though he may not be as powerful as the original…he may just be a better hero than the original.


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