MAKE IT YOURSELF: Gen 13 Burnout Custom Kitbash Action Figure

Introducing my Gen 13 Burnout kitbash project. Still a work in progress as I am looking to add some addition pieces to give him an updated badass look.

So far he has:

1) Resident Evil 4 Leon S Kennedy Biohazard Head sculpt

2) ZC Toys 1/6 Scale Muscle Muscular Body

3) Gen 13 1/6 Scale Burnout costume

4) Captain America Avengers Boots

5) Captain America Avengers Bracers

Any other advice from fellow kitbashers on here on what would go on him would be helpful, also if anyone knows the type of paint I can buy to clean up the emblems on his costume that would be helpful too! Thanks for viewing!


Custom 1/6 Gen 13 Caitlin Fairchild Phicen Action Figure - Image/DC Comics

Up for grabs on e-bay people! My custom made Caitlin Fairchild action figure from the Image and DC comic book series.

Caitlin Fairchild is a fictional comic book superhero, who appears in the Wildstorm series Gen¹³. She was created by writers Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, and artist J. Scott Campbell.

E-Bay Caitlin Fairchild Link

This is what you get with this figure:

1. New Enforcer Pistol 1/6 scale for 12 inch by Triad Toys(Bought off of E-bay)

2. Xb71-07 1/6 Scale ZC Girl - Female Glove Hands fit TAKARA CG CY TTL Body K (Bought off of E-bay)

3. FA018 1/6 Accessories-Military Tactical Kneepad (Bought off of E-bay)

4. 1/6 Scale SWAT Black Elbow Pads(Bought off of E-bay)

5. df04 1/6 Girl Head - Fit for CY COOL GIRL, TTL Body (Bought off of E-bay)

6. Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) (Bought off of E-bay)

7. Gen 13 Caitlin FAIRCHILD 12" 1/6 Figure (Outfit, Boots, and Leg Belt)

8. Phicen Seamless Busty Body White Skin (Bought from SMGC Customs)

One Note: The leotard outfit has had stitch work done to it on the right arm and right side.

I have had her for almost two years, this was my second completed project. I'm giving her up to fund another project I'm working on. She's coming from a smoke free home. This is for a fan of the Gen 13 series, the character herself, or a fan of custom builds. It really hurts to give her up, she will be missed, but I'm confident whoever buys her will both give her a good home and enjoy her. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY PLEASE. Thank you for viewing, and happy bidding!

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