X-Factor Volume 1...Finally

Okay, becuase you demanded it (or at least Aztek suggested it) I am now done with X-Factor Vol. 1 (with the x-ception of a couple small things).  This has taken longer than I had hoped, for a myriad of reasons, but I am pretty happy overall. Here a some things I did to the series...

1) All characters, teams, creator credits, even locations added (that weren't already there).

2) Added story arc pages for Endgame and Muir Island Saga.

3) Added unused covers for issues 8, 16, and 66.

4) Added notes at bottom of summary, if something such as a story title or character changed from solicit to publication.

5) Created any creator, character or team page needed.

6) Added issue overview for nearly every issue (will add the others as I find them).

7)Also worked on Factor X, Annuals, Prisoner Of Love Special.

I loved this series, especially the original team.  To those that haven't read X-Factor Special: Prisoner Of Love, I highly recommend it.  Not sure what series I will tackle next, I plan on hitting some limted series and/or some story arcs.  As always I welcome any feedback, suggestions, cat calls, etc.

Posted by pixelized

you should do the first volume of Thor! i did everything that involved the Enchantress, but i'm kind of enough to leave the rest to you.. if you want [=

Posted by aztek_the_lost

woohoo! awesome job BlueShield!!!

now I'll have to suggest an even bigger volume to figure out what your limits are :P

maybe Wolverine? following the 90's Marvel trend that is...but if there are any other series you'd like to do that works too

Posted by Blue_Shield

Thor Vol.1...ugh that 's a lot of stuff

Wolverine Vol. 1...while also big, but more doable...maybe.

Posted by salarymanjam

 Any chance you would let me write a more detailed plot summary for Factor X all volumes?? I am a big fan... I don't want to step on your shoes or anything.