What!?!...Marvel Comics Presents had 2 covers?

That's right boys and girls.  Back in 1988 Marvel launched one of my all-time favorite titles, and what I feel to be the greatest anthology title ever.  MCP lasted 175 issues, each containing 4 stories/chapters, no ads, bi-monthly and 2 covers.  Sometimes the front and back covers would create a larger image when opened, others did not.  And, to my surprise last night, looking through the volume, found that none of the back covers had been uploaded.  The shock overwhelmed me, and so today I added all 175 back covers(165 today, and 10 yesterday).  There are some great covers in this series, definitely worth checking out.  Cover artists include John Romita Jr., Barry Windsor-Smith, Mike Mignola, Sam Keith, John Byrne, Charles Vess, Bryan Hitch, Walt Simonson, Rob Liefeld, Paul Gulacy, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, John Busema and many more.

Posted by Shatterstar

Thats a lot of uploading

Posted by Blue_Shield

Yeah it took several hours, and at only 1 point per cover, it wasn't for the points.  I loved this series, and was crushed when it was cancelled.  I was disappointed when volume 2 lasted only 12 issues.

Posted by PeterCallum

Thanks!  I have a lot of these but wanted to see if I was missing any that were worthwhile except I couldn't find the flip (or non-wolverine) covers.

Posted by Eyz

I just got 2 MCP, and I was just as surprised to see 2 covers/2 comics in one.

Posted by masterlogan2000

For whatever reason the additional covers for 127, 128, 129, 133, and 136 weren't on the site, so I took the time to add to your great work. This was an awesome series and I LOVE the double covers!