Talked to Karl Kesel yesterday...

Yesterday, at work, Karl Kesel, who is a semi-regular customer at the store I work, came through my line.  I asked him if he had anything set to come out after upcoming Marvel Apes books;  Marvel Apes:Spider-Monkey(April), Marvel Apes: Grunt Line Special(May), Marvel Apes: Prime Eight Special(June).  Karl said, that these would be the last Marvel Apes for awhile, and the next thing after these is an All-Winners Squad comic for Marvel's 70th anniversary.  Unfortunately we were pretty busy, so I was unable to get anymore details about it. Most of the comics for the 70th anniversary have been one-shots with a reprint included, so I'm guessing that the All-Winners Squad will be as well.  I have been a big fan of Karl Kesel's work and I love the 'Golden Age/WWII' heroes, so I'm excited about this one.

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Posted by Zoom

Tell him sorry about Hawk and Dove. :-(