Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.1 ...Hoooooo!!!!!!

After the suggestion by Shatterstar for Guardians Of The Galaxy (Vol. 1), and he wasn't kidding, there was a ton of stuff missing.  I am wrapping up a few minor things still, but will taken care of. As before I listed what got done below.

1) All creator credits added.  It's amazing how little the creative team changed over the 5 year run.

2) All character appearances finished. Also added images to those that had none (Arnold & Norma Astrovik, Ogord, Composite, Samhain)

3) All issues titles added. Most of these and publication date were missing.

4) Story Arc pages created for multi-part storylines. Only 3 defined arcs in the run.

5) Character and teams pages created such as the Commandeers, The Stark, and all Punishers members that were named (there you go, Shatterstar)

Tons of work, but it's a labor of love.  Also I don't know if it's allowed to link, but during my search for some info, I came accross a forum on another site with Jim Valentino's plans/outline for what was going to happen through issue #50 if he remained on the title.  Some pretty interesting stuff.  As always I'm up for suggestions on what series to tackle next.

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Posted by Blue_Shield

Aww, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan 'Here's ta you, tough guy, Hooo!' Nice!

Posted by twiztidtunes

I also just added Force and all the correct members. there were a bunch of members that were added the right names but wrong characters. I cannot ad Force to any of the book summaries for some reason though.

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yet another job well done!

but when you say your open to suggestions, you have to have some knowledge of said comic don't you? so what exactly is your area of expertise for me to suggest from?

EDIT: this is Aztek, too lazy to remember I was on a different account

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Aztek, I am primarily a Marvel guy, but have amassed a ton of stuff over the years. And right now I'm kinda on a 90s kick.

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So 90's Marvel eh?

How about X-Factor? I know its a big series...but it looks relatively blank...but once again I don't know if you read that series...

Posted by Asymmetrical

Oh wait...that's '86...well maybe you could just do the 90's issues?

Posted by Blue_Shield

X-Factor, eh? It is a big series, and yes I did read it.

Posted by Asymmetrical

well you know, the bigger, the better...means you have something to do that will take more than fifteen minutes :p

personally, I wish I was reading comics back in the 90's...reading about that Marvel stuff from that era (primarily X-stuff) on databases like this is what got me into comics...too bad the publisher went downhill from there :(

Posted by Baal Zak

great job!