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I have Comicvine A.D.D  Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have been primarily adding missing information from X-Factor volume 1(almost done), but I tend to get side-tracked! During this time I have added the issue overviews to the following series/one-shots that had none/only a few...100 Bullets(almost all were missing), Outsiders(2003), JLA/Avengers, JLA: Black Baptism, Jack Cross, Crossing Midnight, Darkness/Superman, 24, 100 Girls, 28 Days Later-The Aftermath, Danger Girl:Back In Black, Danger Girl: Body Shots, Dark Knight 2, Darkstalkers.  The most suprising holes were The Outsiders and 100 Bullets(this one especially given the populsrity of the series.  While I'm primarily a Marvel guy, I like to keep people guessing.  You never know where I'll show up...

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Go you :D

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Dag, yo. How did I stumble on this old blog? Keep it up, staple of the community.