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This is old and it has still not been confirmed. io9 cited an article written by Varitey 2 months ago (not one of their own sources) whom of which cited HitFlix (again, not there own sources). So lets just set the record straight and say that this is for now still an unconfirmed rumour.

So in summation the rumour which io9 is reporting today, is the same rumour from the same sources 2 months back. Until WB releases an official press release, nothing has been "confirmed".

Edit- I see you have removed the words confirmed from the sub heading an article. Next time at least do a little bit of research as to where these rumours are perpetuating before making such silly statements as "Jason Mamoa confirmed to play Aquaman".

Also like I already stated io9, CBR and Variety have all cited the one single rumour from 2 months back which you have already reported here making this article completely redundant. The whole thing just absolutely reeks of clickbait and poor journalism.

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@outlawrenegade said:

Also, I just saw the sneak peek for Justice League: War, and it looks like Shazam will replace Aquaman. -_-

Does this story need another flying brick with jet-black hair?

They're replacing Aquaman with f*cking Shazam?!?! If they're gonna replace anyone, replace that utter waste of space Cyborg, don't replace one of the most iconic members of the Justice League, y'know the one who has probably benefited the most and has been one of the most successful characters since the reboot, y'know that reboot that you're basing your next THREE animated films on???

Geoff, did you have absolutely no say in this, or did the universal forces of utter stupidity cause you to allow this moronic move of such ridiculous proportions?

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Definitely Hal Jordan.

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There are definitely ways to make Batman look and feel like a real physical threat. Of course you're going to need to reboot Batman, Nolan's Batman would be about as useful as a girl scout next to Snyder's Superman (or any Superman for that matter). I feel as though they'd need to go The Avengers route with this, have a large-scale invasion with hundreds of aliens, monsters or what have you, that way people won't really question Batman (a mere man) fighting with ease against an army of these guys. Look at Hawkeye, Black Widow and even Captain America, they all threw punches or kicks and on many occasions knocked the Chituarti out in one clean blow, the fact that there were so many of these guys to deal with meant people were less likely to notice how weak they seemed individually.

Also, Batman has to have an active role in this. He is without a doubt the GA's most liked hero in the Justice League and I can imagine the backlash this would get from moviegoers if they don't see Batman doing something and being a physical force that can be taken seriously. I am not asking for a Batman that can knock Darkseid or Doomsday out in one punch, hell I wouldn't mind if he didn't even face the main villain, but you're gonna piss a lot of people off if Batman takes a backseat role, never using his physicality against whatever the Justice League movie plans to use.

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Wonder Woman
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Flash (Barry Allen)

I would love Aquaman to be in there, but having to introduce Wonder Woman and her mythology as well as Aquaman and his mythology would be too much of a stretch for the general audience to just accept, especially as they've had no previous (recent) exposure to either two. Suddenly introducing two separate mythologies into a supposedly grounded world established by MoS would be a very difficult undertaking for any writer without it becoming unnecessarily saturated, and somewhat far-fetched, for a first movie.

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This is where I just don't get DC at all. He featured in Injustice, he is a main character and fan favourite in Arrow and he is being pushed into the fore front of marketing for Arkham Origins. Now he is getting his own kotobukiya 12" statue. And they cancel his comic book title?! I understand sales were down, but at least let the current creative team work on it a bit longer so they can repair the damage done by Liefeld before making any decisions. I mean, all this exposure Deathstroke has been getting is bound to boost his sales.

All ranting aside, this is one amazing statue, I've never purchased a statue before, but I am without a doubt buying this as soon as I can gather the necessary funds.

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I’d hardly call Lego Batman 2 “minor”, lots of non-comic book fans purchased that. Dismissing Injustice just because John was originally supposed to appear instead of Hal is just ludicrous and somewhat weak as an argument. Dismissing Green Lantern TAS just because it is now cancelled is also ridiculous, it garnered the attention of many people during its run, granted its run wasn't long but it still lasted for two years. Regarding the movie, my argument isn't which Green Lantern is the more favoured but who is more well known, so in this case bad publicity still equals publicity; hell look at Aquaman he’s probably more well-known than the two put together :P

I will agree that John Stewart’s appearance in the Justice League cartoons is significant but you can’t just assume that everyone has an interest in watching the animated shows; I’d be willing to bet that more people are aware of the Green Lantern movie than of Johns appearance in the JL animated series’.

We can continue arguing over the validity and the extent to which these appearances push them into the mainstream, like the comic book nerds we are, or we can agree to disagree like men. And I do not mean men by today's standards, but the good old fashioned out of shape in shape men of the 50's.

No? How about settling for being overly manly men?

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Sorry but I disagree with John Stewart being more mainstream than Hal Jordan. Yes John Stewart featured largely in JLU, however Hal Jordan has featured in Batman the Brave and the Bold, Young Justice as well as New Frontier, First Flight, Crisis on Two Earths, Emerald Knights, JL: Doom and he will be in Flashpoint Paradox. Not to mention he has had is own movie and his own Cartoon Network series. In terms of video games Hal has Rise of the Manhunters, Lego Batman 2 and Injustice as well as others.

I know some of these examples aren't hugely popular, but he has had way more media exposure than John Stewart and therefore more exposure to the general audience.

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@ccraft: Yes!

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Wasn't Kingdom Come basically DC's Civil War?

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