How much would it cost to bring back The Spectacular Spider-Man

How much would it cost to bring back The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series?

Hey, have you given up yet? If so, get ready to be re inspired! If not, I've got an idea that could get us a third, fourth and fifth season of this amazing show! The reason why The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series was cancelled is this: Disney bought Marvel. Even though Disney has the rights to doing a Spider-Man cartoon and the characters Sony still holds the rights to the all ready existing episodes of the show, their distribution, and the character and show designs. So why don't you (or me) find out how much it would (or could) cost to get back those rights for Marvel and Disney and create a kickstarter account, set up a page so fans could help with those rights, and then send messages to people who work at ign, comicvine, iFanboy, and other comic book and geeky sites that would joyfully write an article about this kickstarter page, spreading the news to thousands of fans in turn. whos knows? Maybe one of us could even inform the generalissimo! Also you could post this on your facebook, twitters, and other accounts and ask others to do the same on their accounts! Then we could send this money to marvel and disney so they could purchase the rights to the show! Even if marvel doesn't immediately renew the show(which I can understand since they've all ready got a successful spidey toon on Disney XD right now) they could at least release a complete series box set with all the deleted scenes and special features that never made it to the original Season One collection. This collection would also probably do well with parents since it'd only be around 30 dollars and Spider-man popularity is at an all time high with the new films . Plus they'd always have the option to bring the show back after ultimate ends in a few years. So, interested?


The Top 10 Best Superhero Teams

Every comic book fan knows about at least one superhero team and most of them have a favorite team. But what are the best superhero teams? Which ones are creative,memorable, and have stood the test of time? Well, since no one else felt like it I'm going to try to do the most fair, unbiased top 10 list as possible. Why? Because this is the best superhero teams list not my favorites. Also, these teams are ordered based on team interactions and how creative, memorable, interesting, and popular they are. So, without further explanation, here's the top 10 best superhero teams.

Number 10: The Doom Patrol

They may not be as popular or well known as some of these other teams, but the Doom Patrol are a great team. Why? Because MOST of the team members are very creative and memorable on this team. Add to this that beast boy gives this team a connection to the Teen Titans and you've got one awesome group.

Number 9: The Liberty Legion

Again. this is a team that isn't very popular and also isn't that well known, but they're still one of the best teams ever. Why? Because it united several obscure characters and showed that Bucky actually has some leadership skills, something that would be used during Dark Reign when he was the leader of the New Avengers.

Number 8: The Metal Men

While this team is (sadly) underused, they're still pretty memorable because they're all machines being ordered by their leader, but have personalities of their own! This could lead to some humorous dialogue if DC (hopefully) relaunches the Metal Men in the "Fourth Wave" of the New 52.

Number 7: The Legion of Superheroes

The reason why I chose two pictures for the Legion is also why they're so great, there's so many of them! Add to that the cool futuristic elements of the team and new members with every new iteration of the group and you have one of the most memorable and different teams ever!

Number 6: The Justice League

DC's biggest team was going to be number 7, but one thing changed my mind about this: all the great JL runs. Whether it the League from the 70's, 80's, or 90's your going to get a lot of great stories.

Number 5: The Justice Society of America

Sorry marvel, DC has the better WWll team. The reason for this is that the JSA may have began in WWll, but they're still active today. HOW? Because they're grand kids are fighting the battle against evil now. This gives the JSA a different kind of feel since there's been generations of these heroes. Oh, and did I mention all the creative characters present in this book?

Number 4: The Fantastic Four

No, I didn't put the FF in fourth place for laughs. This is just where I thought they deserved to be. The FF always felt more close-knit to me because they're a family. Even if they bicker, they still love each and I love that! In addition the sci-fi elements help flesh out this Grade-A team.

Number 3: The Teen Titans

This comic may be bad right now, but its had its fair share of well-done runs. What makes TT such a good team, though, is that these characters are so interesting and, like regular teens, have problems. Cyborg has to deal with being more machine than man, Raven knows she could destroy the world and Starfire has a dark past. This makes the teens a great team.

Number 2: The Avengers

Whether you like this fact or not, The Avengers are a more well-rounded team then the Justice League. Why? Well, the JL almost always consists of Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman with a few other members. The avengers has its usual members but seems to always have a few new ones up its sleeve (if a team could have a sleeve) and multiple titles. Sure Justice League has three titles right now but one of them is being cancelled. Not to mention that the avengers have turned countless obscure heroes in to big players. So, what else can you say but AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! (yeah that line never really made sense to me :)

And the number 1 team is... The X-Men!

Even if you don't like this team, you've gotta admit they're the best. Why? Because they've got almost ten series going on right now and there comics aren't even that good right now! (Well maybe a few :) This alone proves the X-Men are great but then there's the fact that they've had even more members than the legion of superheros and include some of the weirdest (if not coolest!) superheroes around. Oh, and did I mention Wolverine, arguably the most popular Marvel character is on this team? Another reason why the X-men are awesome is the fact that they're constantly being attacked, insulted, and persecuted yet they still try to do the right thing, If that doesn't make you admit the X-Men are awesome then your dumber than Toad!

So what did you think of this list? Love it? Hate it? I want to know so comment below! Thanks for reading and as always...

Read All-Star Superman! (I'll post another one of these next week! :)