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Aleshanee Loto

General Info

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 123 lb

Race: Human

Alias: Alesha / Bloody Mist


  • Peak human physiology
  • Able to see faintly in dark
  • Heightened intuition (see skills)
  • Heightened adrenaline levels allow for further enhancements to physiology


Bloody Mist
  • Able to sense danger
  • Proficient in all forms of combat
  • Excels in melee combat



  • Extremely sharp

Twin Daggers

  • Extremely sharp
  • Very durable
  • One dipped in poison


  • Ninja throwing knives
  • Some dipped in poison

Story (CV Prime)

(Under Construction)

Aleshanee Loto (Meaning "She plays alot" and "Heart") is a professional assassin. She earned the codename Bloody Mist from spraying the blood of her victims when she kills.

A Night of Convenience