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In terms of weaponry, their about even, both possessing a vast arsenal and the skills to use it. Each one has at least one immediate advantage over the other. Bobba Fett has a jet pack and can use it for flight, and predator can become invisible. Overall, I'd say invisibility is a greater advantage, as the Jet pack makes noise, and a skilled hunter, while cloaked, need only hear it to find Bobba Fett's position. (Assuming the style of both combatants, It's safe to assume that both will eventually try to rely on stealth kills.) However, even if flight gives Bobba enough of an advantage over predator, it still doesn't allow him means to counter Predator's invisibility. So, with their weapon's about even and their advantages canceling out each other, eventually, the battle may turn to hand-to-hand combat, and there, predator most definitely has the edge. I doubt Bobba is unskilled in direct combat, but only having seen him use firearms, and factoring in the predators size advantage and rougher, likely more durable skin, Predator has him beat, though it will still be close.

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I'll give one vote to cosign Death of Superman, but the rest are going to Action Comics issue 719: Hazard's Choice. This issue is my favorite single issue that DC has ever produced and next to Amazing Spiderman 500, it is my favorite single comic book issue of all time. I love how it illustrates the dynamic between Superman, Batman and The Joker and I love how The Joker pushes The Man of Steel to his very limit without laying a finger on him. I did a full review of it that can be found at the end of this link.

So yeah, that's my vote

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I want Secret Six back. Suicide Squad is lame. Also, I am all for getting a more familiar incarnation of the titans into the new 52.

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And to think, I wrote that Demon Knights review as a Joke

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It's cool, I've been visiting with relatives for a the past week

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I can't help but notice that no one's posted in a few days, is this thing on hold or something?

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Ralph sat on the top platform, trying to stay hidden, for now. He carefully watched the sky so he knew when the right time would be to make his move. He hid the duffle bag containing a fresh change of clothes in a spot no one would look for it and pulled from it his copy of Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. Ralph wasn't planning on entering the fray right away, he may as well see what happens next in his book. Ralph knew why he was there, he knew what was expected of him, but he knew that if he was going to do this, he'd be doing it his way. The alarm sounded. Ralph put a Bookmark in his book and placed it back in his duffle bag. Ralph got below the platform and kept in the shadows, making sure no one could see him. Then, he started slowly whistling hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran, but only loud enough that someone really close could hear him. By then, it would be too late. The wolf was indeed hungry, and it would be claiming its victims tonight. The hunt had begun.

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@Rumble Man: So, have we officially started yet or are we waiting on something or other?