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This looks lke it, too.

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thats more the style in wich the second part of the story is like

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I'm not sure. I recall this katana wielding guy like thinner and more "human". And i thougt he was dressed in yellow. Anyway ... if the story is the same (the hulk...) than it could be the one (like i said i only saw it once).

To be honest ... i don't know.
Do you know the storyline of this one?

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I'm looking for a comic that is hard to get. I don't want to convince you to sell it to me ... i do not have any idea wich comic it is and thats my prob. It's for a girl i realy admire (she loves comic's ... what do i have to tell you more about her!). In the following i will give you the things i remember and maybe somebody can tell me wich comic i'm looking for, so i can get to the maybe much harder task ... get it.

The Comic she got was splitted in two or three parts. The first story was about wolverine fighting with some arrogant katana wielding idiot in an arena. I think i recall something like a cage fight. (wolverine and this katana-guy are on the cover of the comic.) In the second story wolverine talked to a little girl i guess, and fights with "the hulk". This part is very dark and drawn quite differently than what i'm used from marvel comics (i do not have to say that i'm not an expert in this field).

If i do recall it right. I think i read #31 on it. Now to the difficult part^^. The comic i was talking about above she already owns (i was reading it before falling asleep). She told me she wants the next (#32?) or the one after this (#33?) but it's hard to get. So, thats what she told me.

I do not get the chance to see her often. To have the wished comic for her as a present would be great (more than that). If you have any clou wich comic i was describing above (i have to admit i'm not into comics so much anymore) or even better, know wich comic i was describing and know wich comic follows and is hard to get --> please, please, please share your knowledge with me and post a reply.

Sorry for spelling (no native speaker) and syntax.

Bet wishes