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@obsidian_raindrop1: no they weren't, Hawkman was way better not only the way he looked but but his acting was way above those other 2.

I was already sold on this show when I herd that Hawkgirl was going to be on it, but now I am really excited. Now they just need to get rid of that God awful white canary and the show will be almost perfect.

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I am looking foreword to getting this on Friday. I love Ghost Rider and hope he has a place post Secret Wars.

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@constocorp: I agree on all your points and I will not be going to see it, but to call for a boycott that may be to much. How about we just hope that it tanks hard and then Marvel can buy the rights back.

BTW I hope that the new X-Men movie tanks too.

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The new emo-space Elvis sucks ass. If they wanted a new parody guy they should have just made a new one and left Lobo the way he was.

I won't support the new Lobo but I would have bought a book with the real Lobo in it.

BTW to all you people telling us we don't understand Lobo is bull shit we just don't like the new guy so stop being tool bags and git off your pseudo intellectual. High horse ok.

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Guardians team up issue 6 has Nightcrawler and Gamora and it was a great self contained story.

Just wanted to let you all know in case you missed it.

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I don't like that X-23 is now Wolverine, if I wanted to read about her I would have bought her old book. I do miss Logan but he had been written poorly for some time and I dropped his main book way before he "died". I would love to read about the Wolverine that was awesome back in the 80s, but alas that probably won't happen.

So just speak with your money and when "Wolverine's" sales drop low enough we will get the real Wolverine back.

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@captain_comet: His wings grow out of his back when he activates the Nth metal that has been fused with his body. So yes they are a part of him.

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RED all the way!! I would show everyone that anger can be used for good with my just and righteous fury.

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@edblank: Maybe they don't grow/kill there food, maybe it is all just a gift from Doom? :)

Or maybe Doom is the sun and they only live because of his mercy? Yet at the end of the day you are probably right about the sun and growing/killing there food on world that is governed by similar laws of physics as our own, but my point is does it matter and do you think that the writers are going to address this in the story?

I actually think that you might get answers to your questions now that I think a out it. If you read issue 2 of the main story you know what I mean.

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Infinity, I think that was the name of that pile Hickman wrote. If not some one help me out please? Thanks.