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The character I would like to see more of in current and future issues of Spider-Man is Lieutenant William Lamont. First appearing in J. Michael Straczynski’s Amazing Spider-Man #482 (or #41 if you want to go with the renumbering at the time), he was shown throughout his appearances to be both a friend of Spidey while also having his reservations about him. In Amazing Spider-Man #500, Lamont is shown to be there at Spider-Man’s “end,” having tracked him down after the Webhead was charged with manslaughter, and seemingly fled. Even then he is being shown as a friend, trying to talk Spidey into surrendering. Manslaughter…not the typical thing a superhero would do, is it? Spidey’s not exactly himself these days, though, having recently been mind-swapped with Doctor Octopus. Manslaughter IS something that Octo-Spidey would do, so I think it would be a great time to connect the stories of past and present, and Lamont would be a great character to bring back into the game. He is a character that has pretty much vanished into obscurity after only a handful of appearances and being presented as an important character pretty much since day one. He is a friend who believes in Spider-Man, but also has strong ties with the N.Y.P.D. that would make that friendship with the superhero shaky. In this new age of the Web Slinger, he would be the perfect addition to the comic book’s cast.

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So DC Comics is pulling a Peter Parker and Mary Jane "no more marriage" with their whole universe?  If it's done right, it could work...if not, the fans will be ravenous for revenge!  Just warning you DC!  :-)

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@MJohnson said:

" I feel like jumping into this would be like jumping into the firepit with oil slathered over my body--it's a LOSE LOSE situation either way. "

Agreed...but I'm going to put my 2 cents in anyway...

When it comes to Thor, I've always seen him as a super hero who is not "incredibly" popular among young people.  Yes, some young people may read Thor, but I've always thought that "most" young people would be turned off by the language that Thor uses.  On a further note, though, if this is such a problem, people should really be looking into heroes and villains as a whole, not just Thor.  In one of the Dark Avengers issues you have Bullseye and Moonstone going at it on a table.  Not only that but you have SPIDER-MAN SLEEPING AROUND WITH ALL THESE WOMEN!!!!!  There's a hero that many young people look up to!  What's that teaching the youth of today?  I think this issue has been around for a while, it just took a scene like this to bring it to light.  Alas, though, it is rated T+ book so if you don't want your kid to read things like that BE A PARENT and look through the issue, don't just assume the world is something like Mayberry or Pleasantville.
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Cowboys & Robots

The story begins in the far flung future where computers have taken over mankind.   All that is left of the human race and what they were are robots called Synthetics, created by the main system of computers known as the Mainframe to look like humans and enact the downfall of human kind as a sort of entertainment.   Enter a Synthetic simply called Clint, created one evening only to have a planned destruction the next morning in one of the entertainment sessions.   That evening, though, an electrically storm causes a shortage in Clint’s systems and old western films, backed-up on a secret file on the Mainframe, are downloaded into Clint’s memory bank.   Clint now believes he is a cowboy and escapes the confines of the computer world to travel out to the desert, one of the only places where the Mainframe has not reached.   The Mainframe, wishing to study Clint’s memory bank in hopes of improving its security systems, sends a small robot army to capture Clint.   It is now up to a robot who thinks it’s a cowboy and a long lost group of human resistance, who have converted back to a life of the old west, to stop the Mainframe from succeeding and maybe finding a way for humans to regain a hold on Earth.

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I still really like that Daredevil armor costume.

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Great article G-Man!  It makes complete sense to have villains like that, which may explain why Batman is never truly "rid" of this enemies.

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@RedHoodJT said:
"The Batfamily needs someone that can kill if necessary and take out/down the bad guys in ways that the rest of them can't. "
I agree, although it's very out of character for the Batman Family to do.  Even with this being true, the thing that Bruce is doing right now seems very out of character.  I can honestly see Bruce bringing Jason back into the fold toward the end of the Batman, Inc. storyline (kind of as a shock factor from the creative team behind it).  I don't see why he can't pull a Cyclops and make an X-Force-like "black-ops" member of the Inc team to take care of the threats that NEED to be taken care of that can't be traced back to him.
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@Scary Tousers said:
" I didn't wanted to read this event. But they put DnA on two mini-series. I'm sold. "
Agreed...d@mn you DC!!!!!
On a further note, is this event reminding anyone of House of M?
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My favorite Marvel Comics film...don't kill me all at once people...HOWARD THE DUCK!!!!!
I loved the film as a child and it may not be the best (favorite and best don't have to be the same, in my opinion), but I enjoy it every time I watch it!
Honorable mentions (in no special order):  Daredevil (Director's Cut), X-Men, X2 - X-Men United, Spider-Man 2, Iron Man, Blade, and Blade 2