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The Hottness said:
2. read Extremist 1-6 to get the full story on his powers...
3. read Execute program 1-5 where the tell you that Tony can move as mach 8.7 and not even break a sweat.
4. Tony can control his suit, and almost any could of machine by  the speed of thought
5. The very same things can be said Batman (that he wouldnt have beat a quarter of his foes without some kind of tech), its just more people like him and think Tony's a douche period. Tony has a plan for every guy he faces just like Batman. WW would whip his ass with any suit yeah. i still and will always say he'd give her a ran for her money, but thats just me. I dont think a genius like IM would just get worked over sorry son. Brains beats Brawn in my book"

1. Yeah and I just told you that thor said he was holding back. He just recently pwned iron man in 2 minuties so you fail.

2. I know about his powers fanboy...

3. Mach 8.7? WW can reach sub light speeds dip sh#t...

4. Your in love with Iron Man and it fine. But stop making BS claims like he can give WW a run for her money when its clear you don't know a damn thing about WW.

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Gambler said:
"bloodmist said:
"Le Furet said:
"The Hottness said:
"Magic can hurt Superman thats y and thats a magic based weapon...

Iron Man is a guy thats went toe to toe with every single big name in Marvel, and if he didnt win he gave them a run for their money...Hulk (countless times) Thor (at least 3 time that i remember) Sentry (the superman of marvel) Cap(super soldier and icon of marvel) pretty damn good for a guy in a suit right.

Its a respect thing, marvel couldnt throw him into battles like that if he was a jobber that everyone in comics could "kill in a blink of an eye"  come on think people...

If not read 2004's Iron Man 1-6 read about tony's upgrades. then maybe you'll see my point, even if you still think WW would win"
A magic based weapon that would still work its magic on a suit of metal. Its not like its only useful against Superman. Wonder Woman is a character who has gone (and defeated) the single biggest names in the DCU. Superman, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Zoom, Flash, and the JLA (while blind). She's faster, stronger, and more durable then Iron Man.

But really, what each character has accomplished in comics is somewhat moot. Some of their feats can be used to help illustrate a point but its about powers and abilities. Can Iron Man's abilities match up with Wonder Woman's? No. He doesnt have the reaction time. Sure in a story he can hang with the likes of Thor, Sentry and the Hulk. However outside of a storyline everyone of those characters should and would domilsh him. Same with Wonder Woman. What exactly would he do to defeat her?"

All true, but the JLA was holding back when she was blind. It was a test...they weren't trying to beat her up."
Correction, they weren't trying to kill her. She demanded they not hold back. In fact Superman tried to shoot her in the back. So holding back, they where not."

Dude...Flash alone can give her a good fight and so can GL. They were holding back and even if the bullet hit her it wouldn't have killed her...she takes hits from superman. If you really think she can take all the JLA except superman by herself you are a moron.
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The Hottness...your fanboyism is disgusting.

1. WW kills him instantly by ripping him in half. She is much faster, stronger and way more durable than Iron Man.

2. If she wanted to waste time using her can actually slice him in half, it can shave the electrons off an atom so it can definitely cut through his armor.

3. Hulk isn't WW. Thor despite whatever their last fights just wrecked Iron Man recently in 2 min and said he wasn't holding back on him like you have no ground to stand on. 

4. Iron Man isn't the leader of anything anymore he lost every thing and is a broke loser on the run. lol

5. Get Iron Mans d#ck out of your mouth.

WW wins.


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Static Shock said:
"Wonder Woman. The terrain is irrelevant."
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King Saturn said:
"Ghost Rider would beat Scorpion... Ghost Rider's hellfire power are greater than Scorpions and GR is far more durable overall "
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It would come down to Mr. Majestic or Prime.

I would go with Superman Prime.

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SeSAW said:
"WW by the skin of her teeth."

SeSAW please STFU...everyone on this site knows you hate dc and love marvel. I will give you credit for not saying iron man wins though.
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Trackz said:
"ironman wrecks, not only can he fly thus meaning wolverine has no way of hitting him,  it would really only take a couple of his blasts (maybe one at full power) to strip wolverine down to the bone"

Agreed and wolverine can't take that like he did in civil war because his healing factor has been downgraded since his deal with the angel of death is no loger in effect.

Iron Man would win.
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SeSAW is the worst fanboy on comicvine.

Zoom. Curbstomp.