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If the op ain't up soon it will be after work. Sorry for delay on posts was busy yesterday

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Previously the vampire known as Bloodcroft despite all her followers and potential has been little more then a scientific bully. Outside of her meals she's primarily only brought strife on an apparent mutant resembling a vampire Ruby and her niece Natasha. Having essentially tortured them for personal gain and her own twisted enjoyment. However she's grown tired of foreplay and now intends to if nothing else at least end one of these "vampiric failures" and subsequently take broader action on a world ill prepared for her.

Rules and Stuff

My alts Bloodcroft and BloodDiamond are at risk with at least one of them dead by the end of this

It's completely open though encouraged a person be tied to vampires/vampire hunters/Champions of Peace as obviously this involves vampires, and Diamond was/is on COPs.

Haven't decided location yet so input is welcome :)

If nobody wants in I'll just do a blog

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Nope totes doing it when Luke's off being a cool bro :p

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Not to hurt them ^_^ just to continue her tradition of messing with her niece

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I got it!

*goes to steals Nat's wolves*

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I'd never do that to a fox -_- I'm cold not heartless lol

I just f with people's heads and dissect people >.>

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Recently it seamed the concept of the "Dark" Champions had faded into obscurity, a shame but the Nazi wasn't particularly surprised. Phases seemed to come and go throughout the array of the more unique species of this rather weak planet. So far in all her years she'd never had the impression that any of these national leaders or "super" heroes were leading the world to a better age. Recent development in the age of heroes was however quite different and a bit inspiring however. So recently she'd transferred to setting up her lab in the old contact of Sigma.

With the recent collapse of the MVP building it seemed the public wasn't exactly trusting of the caped crusaders. Now sounded ideal for digging graves and to test her latest developments from her macabre experiments. As comfortable as the establishment was residence mattered little to the vampiric scientist. Places like this were just means to an end as she weighed her options.

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Curiosity ruled over survival and so the scientific woman of death simply holstered her gun and withdrew her blade as the lovely Ruby spoke. For why flee or cower before the inferior? Blades of crimson soon shot upwards and in mocking of the devine Elaina possed to be in a stance of crucifixion. Course given nature of the assault Croft was also impaled not just in feet and palms but also several places in the chest thigh and so much more. Like a cross used as a dart board she stood impaled. One blow mattered over all else though. That was when she willingly slammed her head into one of the spikes carmine spear protruding through mouth and neck.

With a sound like shattering glass the bloodied vampire fell free. Her strength surpassed the ice hard crystallized gore. Sickle plucked from her jaw licked as if but a sucker. "My dear, if you want to kill a vampire you don't inject blood into their body" it was slow but the various shards were shrinking and falling away. Her body consumed the gore. It stung like hell felt like her veins had a flood or stampede running through them. "Most vampires are so rudimentary age all they like they let a notion of clandestine nature fuel them. I wish to be in the mold of Dracula not the benine night stalkers. For that I turn to science, your but a step to transcendence it's nothing personal." With that the woman charged forward elongated claymore seeking the heart of Ela's prey. At nine hundred miles per hour enough speed to race gun fire the scientist charged her flow a red mist left in the air and streak on the floor from the slivers of blood composed spears liquifying once more. Expecting a counter however Ela planed to try secondary impalement as well. Turning to mist for briefest of moments to try and lacerate the intern from the back.

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Haven ain't my only alt :P I can give space bling to another

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Much to her demented delight the blood was consumed and resistance shown. That technique, Ela had to have it her passion for superiority demanded it. But the aged vampire was swift on reaction and speed diving over the counter to avoid impacts one found it's mark however. The back of her cranium burst with violent result chunks of skull and carmine ichor spattering the counter. Elaina only laughed at the pain as wound quickly began reformation.

Uplifting the very floor board her heightened strength making light of effort Ela attempted to flip the very counter over. Cumbersome weight and force threatens to shatter bone. This was followed by a quick bounding action seizing her shotgun and cocking it mid jump. Trigger pulled as the gun sought to detach both legs. Close proximity allowing Croft confidence in result. Followed act craving to place barrel to preys lovely brow. "Really it'll be quick and nonlethal I'd hate to dirty this lovely home." Words insulting given the location.