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I was asked to bump

*kills everyone*

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Absolute power is said to corrupt absolutely but the vampiric scientist retained a different opinion. When she was made a member of the army she felt empowered. When she became a vampire she felt removed from mortal constriction. Further experiments only led to further triumphs. If anything the pursuit of power was the only path of enlightenment. And after years of studies and conflict Elaina found herself invited to the finest establishment for an individual like herself. A invitation to join the Legionem Vis Vires.

Proudly wearing the coin as a pendent that rested around her neck the obsidian analyst ventured across the icy scape of Russia. An arsenal of scientific material towed behind her. Though not possessing the cybernetic enhancements of greater scientists in the world she'd had many successes in her studies. People were most the time just lab rats to her. Other new home was marvelous the vampire wouldn't dare to deny it. None of the fine designs and brilliant construction mattered to her. What she wanted was to simply see the world under the heel of her and those she worked beside.

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She has, it's her go to alias. As seen when she entered Sovereign that one time as Elizabeth Windsor, rather then her more known Victoria Lionfang

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There was a sense of unsatisfied response to the inflicted wound. The devilish doctor rather found it amusing. Wasn't wise to underestimate her foe however she didn't lighten up on her retort and savored every hit. Blood and brain matter painted the asphalt and concrete in their unique visage. Her adversary slipping into a comatose paralyzed state. A common side effect of not feeding and taking a serious wound. Vampires could survive the unfathomable but blood was a crucial factor. However for all her cruel games the unchanged Howletzer didn't want to really kill Ruby. Elaina's sister was a heroic fool and her niece to sweet, El wouldn't allow such vulnerabilities but she wasn't entirely cruel.

With no semblance of care she dragged her victim away to a near by hospital. Hypnosis manipulated a young intern into letting the scientist in. A few minutes later and the trio were in a locked supply closet. Medical supplies were plentiful her operation was a simple one. A collection of bone marrow from the head wound. A vein pulled from the arm that'd been used as a cannon. And lastly she really wanted that other arm. It was likely to regrow back and could provide all the information the vampire wanted.

Howletzer planned to then leave the hypnotized intern with a blood bag to take care of Ruby. Would use strength to break the lock and handle. The desire being to perhaps force Ruby to be more like Elaina and other vampires. A cruel game Howletzer had played on many neophytes over the ages. Granted it was but a game she didn't mind if it were played. She just would seek to make her escape before tracked down. Last thing she needed were her samples going bad.

(Tried to leave it open for Elaina to fail lol. It's your character I has no right to play surgeon if you don't want a vampire doctor <3)

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"Shame so we won't be having a slumber party or swapping numbers?" The raised hands made the scientist wary however she was compelled to see wha would be done. Skin in the palm began to bulge before a odd sound was made. A goblet of blood rocketed towards her. It pierced her throat the impact with her spine forcing a step backwards. For a vampire it wasn't critical especially sense the projectile was blood. Soon enough it'd be digested and used to heal. Didn't mean it felt good, a hand died vermillion as blood began to poor out. "Well that was rude."

She squeezed the trigger it's reduced recoil and her strength allowed two following shots to follow almost before the bullet left the barrel. A head shot wasn't likely people usually found a way out. That's why the subsequent shots aimed for the ankles. "Cripple the rabbit before you kill it. Kill it before you skin it." The cruel copper eyed woman intentionally trying to say things that might disturb. Psychologically frightened prey were easier after all.

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If nothing at the least the young Ruby wasn't a foolish individual. She wasn't going with a stranger, and who would travel with her really? A vampire scientist was what she claimed to be far from a trustworthy creature to the say the least. Vampires weren't kind creatures, a scientist like her was likely to use people like lab rats. However just as the mutant wasn't naive the vampire wasn't arrogant enough to not expect resistance. She was a veteran soldier, Elaina saw the move coming fairly early. Ducking faster then most human eyes would even percieve the blow passed overhead. The elbow would of likely sent teeth flying bone fracturing it was commendable Elaina would admit.

As the target of her studies gained some distance and removed herself of the burden of high heels, the vampire moved for her hip. A old Beretta M1935 was removed from the holster. The barrel aimed at Ms. Waters centered between the eyes. One move and she'd pull the trigger. "All I need really is your arm. I can pay you for it? That's a pretty skirt I'd hate to ruin it with your blood." She was rather amused at her offer.

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The device though sleek in design was crude in fabrication. It broke apart easy enough in the mutants hand. However the remark bothered the vampire, she was trying to be nice but being ignored didn't sit well with the vampiric scientist. "Ugh I'll say it again in the simplest words. Ms. Waters you could be of great use to me, do you want rewarded for assistance or dragged off in cliche horror fashion?" She never went anywhere unarmed weapons were on her person in fairly plain sight. "Let's not waste time please chose already" a copper eye looking at the figure sizing up the challenge as much as she could.

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"And why not here? Are you ashamed of what you are Ms. Waters? Is mutant and proud not a motto for you? I always liked the saying." A hand removes to gesture the intern to lead the way. "I took interest in the other Ruby, Ms. Blake. She's associated someone who's close to someone dear to me. Then you showed up" a small device was handed over as it was turned on. It lit up as it pointed to Ruby, "detection system dated but it picked up my attention. So I did some searching and uncovered enough. None of that should matter however, the offer is what's ideal. Do you jump towards opportunity or retreat to sanctuary of ignorance?"

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"My apologies Ms. Waters." A polite bow given before the vampire would speak. Every word of hers would be geared towards positive and assuring. The truth however likely malevolently intentioned, nothing about the obsidian owl was ever welcoming. "My name is Eliana Howletzer I fortunately heard of you and more importantly your mutation. And I believe through a few studies I could provide the salvation for the entirety of my species. If you'd be so kind as to come with me for just a night I should have all the resources I need." She made no mention of the weapons she'd put to use to have her way. Nor did she mention that the trip would probably be one way.

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<.< I only take responsibility for my 3 or is it 4 >.> if two are the same person just different U's does it count?