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For whatever reason the machine Ruby could not comprehend turned to replicate M and attack her. Perhaps the machine had reason, perhaps not either way it was quite baffling. Thankfully however it used attacks that weren't sound tactics on the present Ruby's. Though the white transformation with blade held by M couldn't perform an immediate block climet alone helped. With the previous super hot arrow and the giant there was a magnitude of daunting heat while around the white was a frigid cold. Both distorting the effects of sound. Meanwhile the liquid nitrogen was countered by sheer heat. The explosion though did launch the pyro down.

The M with her sword held was more crucial she focused on him. Her form altered back to yellow freeing her in the process as her blade was now gauntlets. This didn't spare her however from the earth shattering punch. Her shields dropped to eighty percent as she lye on the ground. But though arguably far out classed she certainly wasn't down for the count.

Her fist shot forward to intercept the leg each one likely to negate the other as boot met fist with equal force. Ruby's attacks however had other tricks as following the punch would come the shotgun blast with pellets of mythic metal and enough explosive to level a building. Meanwhile the archer swaped to pink form now descending with a Warhammer backed by seventy five ton force. Naturally this aimed for the kicking M's cranium.

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The strange woman was quick to equip an impressively large weapon. In the next few moments of conflict the sound was deafening. Filled primarily by thunderous cannon fire and the sickening sound of bodies popping like balloons. The various mobile dead were torn apart with bones shattering to pulp and segments of the bodies throne about the streets. Amidst this vicious maelstrom the winner of Natasha's affection came setting many corpses ablaze in an improvised pyrotechnic display. Shots were fired to release one of Natasha's hands and that was when the excitement was abruptly silenced.

In a shower of sparks Natasha's left hand was almost freed. Before she could even try to break such metallic constraints however her aunt used the famed katana Nighthunter to cleave the limb free of the rest of the body. Elaina choosing to use Natasha's own sword as a means of punishment. "It's quite simple you to either I die, or she dies end of story." Her cold copper eyes stern as she tried to make the situation clear.

With that she concluded the formalities and charged forward Nighthunter in hand. Made to essentially depower gods a single cut from the blade usually made most organic targets no more then average flesh and blood. Ela figured any blow would insure she was against just a stranger and her neice's legless lover rather than a meta and obscure alien suit. Moving at nine hundred miles per hour she performed a series of swings that sought the jugulars of her prey followed by attempting to lacerate their lungs. She'd end her assault by having the remaining corpses, many burning and disfigured attempt to tackle the two assailants. While their severed hands and arms would try to further hold the duo down.

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No worries, can't rush peeps to much seeing how shitty my post rates been xP

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Wasn't surprising the "pillar of hope" characters never fair well. The funny part is mid episode I was like 'shit she's getting to hopey' but had figured we'd have some time. V.V R.I.P (spoiler)

Priest wasn't impacting enough yet to get a good reaction

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Not to long and a woman emerged to play the hero for the vampire at risk. She didn't look like much and to be honest that was what appealed to the vampiric scientist. The costumed nut jobs were easy to understand the ones in average attire however not so much. "You shouldn't waste your effort on this poorly dressed goth." Ela mocked before her hands began to motion about.

With every motion the horde of corpses moved to encircle the mystery woman. They sought to bite flesh and rip skin no better then a pack of zombies. However durability did lend to the hordes favor. Controlled by blood a simple headshot wouldn't do. They came in efficient but simple patterns. The entire design of their attack was to gauge what this noble hero could do. Knowing the enemy was always a great assist in confrontation.

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<.< yeah only managed one post. Not great but I knew I couldn't hit all the details I wanted regardless

Easy Summary

BloodDiamond is on a crucifix like device that's killing her. Outside of killing Bloodcroft it's not likely the device can be shut off safely

Location center of the Ronins Rest market district.

Some 50 corpses can be manipulated by Croft through a blood ability(not in bio haven't had time)

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Various talents exist in the vampiric world. What is fairly clear though is that it stems from the clan the bloodline and age. Each clan or perhaps race of vampire seems to have a unique attribute. Certain bloodlines seem capable of carrying more attributes or perhaps having a skill not accessible by clan. And then age determines the strength where a neophyte is likely to surpass humans a thousand year old vampire likely would surpass most mutants.

Elaina has for some time now been deep in study. Her research founded on essentially deityhood. On the present earth and it's pathetic vampire and human spectrum neither side is impressive by her. If man is made in gods image then god is pitiful for man is but cattle. And if humanity is cattle then should not gods to be? To ensnared by nature and clandestine dispute vampiric culture is no where near it's full potential. Ela has sought to rectify that in order to defy natural selection she's tortured many with a focus on two in particular. Her neice Natasha, and a mutant Ruby. Both have seen extensive torment on a physical and psychological level. Her studies have proven profitable.

Within at least the bloodline used for the Howletzer name is a unique ability stemming from ones own blood. For Elaina it is a puppeteer oriented ability. Using open wounds on herself and another blood can be used like string. For this reason she's grown quite fond of the song Puppet Master but that's irrelevant to tonight's act.

One Hour Ago

Sitting in the Champion Tower Natasha was pretty comfy in a night shirt and underwear alone. Simply lounging with her katanas by the couch as yet again a series of luxury speakers blasted hard rock melodies. Daughter of Anthony Stark the girl had money. It was spent on guns and music in that order. The night was late as one would expect for a vampire like her, tranquil head banging however came at an abrupt end.

Glass shattered as a head burst through it had begun to rot but the scent was clear. Kenshin, known through Ronins as the last samurai and to Natasha as Yoshi. A part of her, not admitted or sought out in any way had loved the samurai. Even putting heart strings aside Natasha saw Yoshi as her best friend. She'd pursued clue upon clue however and never goten close. Gravity of the situation hit harder then she'd ever expected.

With azure rivers flowing Natasha was quick to grab Blood Moon her iconic vampire blade. The crystal katana however was in the hands however of a distraught teen. Difference in aunt and neice were haunting in severity. Heart broken lashed out, nothing to militarized calm executing simple dodge. Wrath was felt with a fire that was almost literal, paled in comparison to the Nazi scientist who was serene in times like this. A blow lands though on the tormenter.

Wrists part carmine tears decorate booming speakers lether cushions and of course the crystal blade. A nail splits Natasha's right wrist however and it's all over. As blood mixes into solitary strand katana sways in position being driven through the teen's spine causing paralysis.

12:05 AM Ronins Rest Market District

"I do love you Nat really. Such a lovely figure backed by a beautiful mind. Addicted to murder but so wise. Sadly though sacrifice must be made. I've nothing against you, nature simply has it's course." Gagged and bound in insulting fashion of heretic gesture the teen was crudely held up.

"One of us dies tonight niece. Best way that device shuts off is if my heart stops beating. Otherwise it'll just keep draining your blood, spine fluid, and some of your marrow." The center of the market was a fresh grave yard. Commanded by hypnosis upon the monitors some fifty people had committed suicide. Vampiric minions of Elaina had damaged the pipe lines to properly flood the streets. What this meant was that thanks to the pool of blood Ela had an legion of corpses at her disposal. It was one of the few times she felt her heart racing, a trap in motion, a helpless victim with life ticking away. Heroism was the unexpected variable the only thing to determine success or failure.

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@_drake: that's vague. So Luke is a redneck? A resourceful biker? Second coolest dude in the world? Grieving buddy who had to shoot bro in the face? Arguably the most bad ass dude period? Or maybe Luke is just gona use crossbows now :P

@arquitenens: I do what I want! :p