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>.> right so she doesn't inherit that lol

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@pyrogram: @quintus_knightfall:

<.< could just give you a suit. Little Stark would inherit that shit n Stark industries not like the bastard or the vampire are going to >.>

I'd say completely destroyed cuz I wana do stuff with Natasha lol

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Elaina had to admit she was rather atrocious at socialization. She couldn't help be enraptured however by her studies. Sitting on a table was a sample of bone marrow and brain matter, a blood vain, and an arm. Near by the table of preserved shreds of a particular mutants anatomy was a series of monitors and screens. Which all together maid for an overlapping series of statistics and information. Various data being collected for two distinct purposes.

The first goal was simple by analyzing the DNA and genetics Elaina believed she could provide vampires with a cure to their collective weaknesses. Over the years methods had been concocted to stave off the danger of many potential dangers. As of yet however it was just temporary but with the collected resources a full cure was possible. This info she shared with the underground covens of vampiric clans. The other portion Elaina did not share.

This study was centered on the concept of breaching the age gaps of vampires. Novice aged elder centurion legendary mythic such was the order. Proper experimentation however suggested a chance to drastically leap into a higher status. A leap that would transcend El into the Devine Hungering Goddess of Vampires that she craved. It'd take time but using the DNA of Ruby Waters the vampiric mutant of Avalon El did believe it possible.

All the while copper eyes frequently drifted to another monitor that of her personal laptop. Vermillion fluid flowed from wine glass to her lips as she observed the happenings of Jason. Curiosity keeping her ever engrossed in the happenings of Mr. Moore.

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@connoisseur: @thisisgonnahurt: @mastermouse: @pyrogram: @strigade23: (was out with peeps havin fun all that stuff but ya didn't need me dis shits been awesome. But now I shall do me part not sorry for delays though lol)

This Jason fellow was both welcoming and insulting in a clever duality to the Nazi scientist. To her the notion of trying to impress was a dated waste of breath. Who struck the killing blow, who's name was highlighted, who got richer none of that mattered. For her it was the reacuring vision of triumphant animosity. That in time the world would kneel before LVV and quiver in fear or better yet join the masses to reach the Heavens. To pierce even the gates of gods and mockingly sit upon their thrown. Earth was an ant hill, and she'd send it collapsing in on itself and use a magnifying glass to watch survivors burn.

On another hand the darker side of that twisted notion of a soul found it slightly cute. And perhaps that was the most terrifying element of all. That someone once a human, who was just as mortal as they were monster could find butchery cute. In the hearts of men just might be an evil darker then any fairy tale monster or biblical passage. She was born of a common woman and man and she took delight in the near genocidal factor of what transpired around her. Lips graced the skull of the dead vermillion fluid still fresh savored upon the tongue.

As a vampire ages they grow stronger, faster, insurmountably greater. It had always been something Elaina aspired to become, to live centuries into millenniums and gradually become the mightiest force. To show that the vampire was the apex predator. Power hungry she'd survived a century and only longed for more. In that time however senses rose to staggering levels, eyes sharper then any falcon she'd spotted the ever so subtle momentary shimmer of gun metal. A smell finer then a blood hound noticed a new sent in the conflict.

The skull snapped upwards at a speed that made the intact spine dance. Two bullets burned into the head upon impact. The third tore through the skull, Elaina was already in motion. The bullet shattered the skull like glass shards flying like a fragmentation grenade in slow motion. The third round traveled clear through her slamming into the wall behind her. Blood pumped out of her body as copper eyes met with his. Hypnosis attempted to manipulate his mind a iron will alive for a century attempted to shackle his own. "Now you try" a hypnotic command to turn the gun on himself. That however was the simple 'trip up' in her book.

It was designed to make him fumble to be vulnerable for that subtle a moment. A moment that undoubtably would allow her aged vamp speed of nine hundred miles per hour close the distance. From her wrist would grow an elongated spike the right arm seeking to impale the man. Again however a play, speed was great but speed was as readable as so much else. She wanted her move to be read. So that she could follow up with a quick draw from her left hand. Intending to fire a beretta FMJ round through the man's temple. "Good morning" would playfully follow metal fangs shimmering in the blazing fires.

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Go for it :) I'm not picky just don't want to fight myself lol

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Aww lol

Gona wait n see if anyone wishes to jump in before replying

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Thanks ^.^ was a lot of fun to write and come up with

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@strigidae_23: @zaniel: @thisisgonnahurt: @connoisseur:

This was not a symphony of destruction, not a ballad of calamity, there was nothing poetic about the coming act. It was the simple act of supremacy they were in the rise of power, so those who interjected or would interject had to be put down like rabid dogs. These sparks of promised greatness had to be snuffed out. Thus the Howletzer arrived hounded by cruel intention.

Previous investigation had revealed to the vampire a fair amount of information on a small faction of these self proclaimed Champions. She knew there was Atomikiller the armored vigilante, his great durability and strength held fault in a reliance on standard fire arms. Mystro an oversized rodent of impressive speed but no particular durability. There was Warren a smuggler nothing to spectacular however when confined to ground work instead of using the space craft. She'd also seen her niece who was tainted by a rather soft heart. If those she'd seen were what she could expect then the opposition was ultimantly lacking in rivaled resistance. Even if they were not slain today they were just insects in wait to be graced by her heel.

Arriving as a small cloud of jade mist the vampiric biologist manifested in the town square. A few commands on her smart phone and her dark visage appeared before the masses on the large TV screen. Why big cities insisted on such devices was alien to Elaina. They did however allow for a clever escalation of murder. Through concentration and proximity to the machine projecting her image hypnosis was employed in mass. Hypnotic bronze eyes of the vampire were gazed into. She ushered a single word "die." As the various pedestrians saw the once Nazi extremist, as her cold words pierced their minds they obeyed. Some shot themselves. Some cracked bottles to slit their throats others laid before traffic. Ways of death were numerous but the result was singular. A single woman clad in black stood incircled by the dead.