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Much to her demented delight the blood was consumed and resistance shown. That technique, Ela had to have it her passion for superiority demanded it. But the aged vampire was swift on reaction and speed diving over the counter to avoid impacts one found it's mark however. The back of her cranium burst with violent result chunks of skull and carmine ichor spattering the counter. Elaina only laughed at the pain as wound quickly began reformation.

Uplifting the very floor board her heightened strength making light of effort Ela attempted to flip the very counter over. Cumbersome weight and force threatens to shatter bone. This was followed by a quick bounding action seizing her shotgun and cocking it mid jump. Trigger pulled as the gun sought to detach both legs. Close proximity allowing Croft confidence in result. Followed act craving to place barrel to preys lovely brow. "Really it'll be quick and nonlethal I'd hate to dirty this lovely home." Words insulting given the location.

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"It's not hard really your scent isn't hard to find. Vampires smell diffrent, blood is hard to mask and that's just for starters. There's also the lovely fact that you don't smell dead." Combined with natural differentiation it wasn't hard to find not for an aged vampire like her. The thought was even more inviting knowing that the ability would only grow if she succeeded in her project of vampiric science.

"One quick stab and I can have what I need. You drink your little bag of blood and are perfectly fine. I'd hate to cut apart such a pretty thing just for science." Elaina teased making herself comfortable sitting on the counter. Hostility in the room however was simultaneously clear as day likelyhood of obtaining what she wanted without confrontation was unlikely. "But what do I know you're a vampire to perhaps it's time you bare your fangs." Ela's hand moved slowly to her side, not the most hidden of moves but it didn't matter. Smell of gun oil and iron was rich on Elaina of course she was armed. "So what's it going to be little one."

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Elaina did always love the warehouse districts of these various cities. So frequent in use yet also forgotten regularly, the devils did business here and many busts as well. At the end of the day however it was still the hotspot for crime refugees and so on. Thus it was also no surprise to uncover that the desired victim had come to such a place to hide. Elaina had been the end of the internship that night when practically forcing the youthful vampiric mutant to give in to the monstrous side. To think that rising spire of innovation had been left for these rundown establishments. A shame that another of the creatures of myth settled for the nature of man. It made her question if sparing them was worth it, this wasn't the night though she couldn't carelessly skip ahead in plans.

Cloud of mist found the warehouse soon enough and made way through a simplistic crack. With whatever pandemonium going on in the distance nobody was likely to give a damn about what occurred in a place like this. Drawing attention to herself however was still something to avoid, she was undead not immortal. Upon entry the demented scientist was greeted by what she thought an adorable sight. Given the abilities displayed before however she didn't underestimate the situation. Such was a human trait the vampire believed.

"Lovely place Ruby really outdone yourself." Her remarks coming as she took a casual seat on the counter. Apart of her felt like fetching her gun and shooting the bag of blood. A more primal side took over as she wondered just what might the retaliation be. Perhaps having fed and not wearing high heels a more engaging bout could take place. "Say you wouldn't be willing to just let me take a piece of your heart would you?"

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Though modified by science (she can make metal bones cus I wanted to keep the Witchblade look) for the most part she's just a vampire. Classic Dracula type with mist hypnosis bat transformations etc. no mutant to her. I might take it a more Alucard/Hellsing route if she succeeds in what she's after that being power. Thus why she was on LVV. Also yay for villain being hated \o/ always nice when a rivalry can be made (especially when it's with Zauby <3)

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There was some form or other of military incursion in the grand city. Another melody of chaos in a society founded upon it. Truth be told though Elaina wasn't interested in the political and power rift between whoever and whatever. It was inconsequential just another prelude to another war that yet again appeared to never be coming. The devious vixen had her eyes set on another the quest for power of her own sending her after someone she'd visited before.

Ruby was a vampire by mutation, her genetic make up bad lead to a rapid development in science regarding the nocturnal predators of lore. Previous studies on spinal fluid from Elaina's neice Natasha had furthered the studies. While the captive by the name of Last Samurai to most was constantly furthering the understandings. There was still something missing though to cheat nature however and the copper eyes of the devious mind knew who to look for.

As a cloud of mist traveling swift on the winds of turmoil in the streets she sought the alluring beauty and brilliance of the ra it who's throat the wolf wished to tear.

(Eh it's an intro and I didn't want to read x number of pages just to add some additional fluff to lengthen the post so this will do sorry for the delay <3)

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"No objections? Fantastic have a good night ladies and gentlemen." Perhaps guided by self preservation perhaps oblivious to the danger she posed Elaina was allowed to venture onward. The clack of her heels echoing to the thumps of Natasha's blaring stereo. She stood stoic in the center of the elevator as it ascended to the most established of levels. And soon enough there was the ding as doors slid open.

It was barely audible but the two cursed wolves could be heard growling. They didn't welcome the scientist of darkness. Stylization of Elaina's hair itself looked like subtle horns crowning her head. "Silence" her words were a whisper as she spoke to the wolves. They obeyed not daring to step before greater predator. Raising her shotgun the bass that vibrated the very walls came to a halt. Explosive shotgun ammunition shattering the speakers and the window behind it.

"Yo!...." Natasha's words were cut short as she saw who had entered the room. Locked in a oblivious head banging state she hadn't realized the situation till then.

"Good evening my niece your looking as trashy as predicted. Catch you at a bad time?"

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I'll check my schedule see if I've time to kick an ass I've already kicked.

Ugh what I'd do for mobile to allow pics! *flips a table*

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She was not a hero she didn't forge a facade of such, she was simply herself. The undisputed superior, rightful dominion was hers to claim she believed. Before she could aquire a title deserved however she needed power. The means to the end, tonight was just a step in that direction. It could be easy or a merciless endeavor but either way she intended to get what she desired. A single bat flies into a district she'd visited before.

Last time she set foot on this tile she'd conducted mass murder. She'd projected her image into the tv screen and using hypnosis seized the minds of all those in the area. And with simplest of action led them all to suicide. If the city remembered they'd of ran from her. That was the charm of Ronins Rest however, civilians didn't remember much of the bad. Eliana believed it quite amusing how the lions chose to roar hear on an island named after lost causes calling it quits. She wasn't concerned with the opposition here that was for sure. Loud stereo only made the location obvious. Not that was hard what with the tower reaching for the heavens. Similarly comical to the Nazi seeing how she believed there very well might be a kill tonight and that teen certainly be going to wings and prosperity.

Stepping into the facility flowing coat coming to a rest as arms clasped behind her back she smiled a most feral smile. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I've come to seek audience with my beloved neice. On this moon oppression does not venture to your doorstep. I simply want to proceed to address my relative in personal manners. However I won't lie to you. If a single one of you hinders my advancement to the elevator. I will collect your spines. Any objections?"

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You should run it won't help but it might make you feel better

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Yes I'm a jerk, someone rude might label me more. I've a hobby it involves boxing up samples like limbs and blood. Got your arm maybe I can have another?

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Concluding that the faction known as the LVV was either opting for secrecy or being abandoned the vampiric horror deducted to complete her move. Apart of the secretive collective of the false Champions Elaina chose to at long last bring the last of her products of devious science. Before her departure after a bloody assault on Ronins Rest the vampire found the Samurai of fabled worth. Returning from some escapade strained from conflict it was a trivial task for the most notorious of Strigati and the mad scientist to contain Yoshida. Desperate to become a god amongst the vampires and uncover any other secrets the mythic legend possessed in his biology she would not let the specimen leaves her hands.

The transfer of the still living immortal was grisly like the actions of a horror story. Brought into the confines of the tower in parts severed and scattered in highly concealed containers. She pieced him back together in the back of her lab. Large tank easy to hide yet all the while the sickest of things in the lab. When on reveal it showed just how much a beast the once Nazi was. When hidden however Elaina appeared to be no more then a scientist of noteworthy talent. Confident she'd made the lab and room into adequate living conditions she ventured to the casual room of relaxation. Sipping coffee and entirely fine with the fact she'd transferred a person to her lab as severed body parts. A similar and yet entirely different monster relaxed her own way across the seas.

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Alts everywhere and all of em waiting :P