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I'm all for Justice League movie that works independently on it's own feet, you know, like movies are supposed to do.

Marvel had the right idea financially with The Avengers but let's face it the solo movies themselves range from meh to okay. Only Iron Man is really worth a rewatch. The others are rather basic and unimaginative and I say this as a big Kenneth Branagh fan.

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@TheCheeseStabber said:

So a Box that lets the villain travel to different dimensions but only after a protagonists had tampered with it by accident...


Which is why a Justice League movie (if it has Darkseid in it) should occur in either New Genesis and/or Apokolips.

As for the movie possibly having too many characters and scenery...well, it didn't stop LotR or Harry Potter. Warner Bros. might get a whole trilogy out of the New Gods stuff.

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@jsphsmth said:

Snyder will once again write a Batman comic better than Morrison.

Of course that isn't just tomorrow, it seems to be every day.

When Snyder stops playing it safe and creates something like Batman Incorporated or brings characters like Damian Wayne in the spotlight of the Bat-verse, then I'll agree with you.

And I loved Snyder's Court of Owls and current Joker arc. I'm sure I'll like Snyder's Riddler arc and the Superman project too.

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Looking forward to this. Demon Knights is one of the best New 52 titles.

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It's so slow, every single image has so much slow motion going on.

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Superman vs. The Elite

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As amazing as seeing The Avengers fighting aliens was...the Chitauri had ZERO character and were badly designed. They served only to be beaten. With Batman and Bane there was actually something going on, other than two men just beating each other. The speech Bane gives about being iniated to the League of Shadows, how the light is only blinding to him...that's writing gold right there. Not to mention Batman beat Bane by climbing out of the pit, one of the best moments in superhero films.

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@Sammo21 said:

I am glad Whedon is winning this right now. Dark Knight Rises is the worst of the trilogy and Nolan's worst film overall. So many lazy things in that film and half assed plot devices that have no explaining.

But that would be the fault of the writing I imagine. As directing goes, Nolan is superior to anyone else on the list. There was never a moment where I was at the edge of my seat when watching The Avengers for example, as awesome as that was.

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Whoever voted for anyone other than Bane...well, I guess you'll just have to imagine the fire. It would be extremely painful.

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@CaioTrubat said:

@Happenstance said:

So many shots of guns :(

LOL is that a bad thing?

Well this is Star Trek, right?