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@gokuwarrior: You're underselling the action. There's two fights in the first two issues of the series. And you have a problem with talking when the dialogue is one of the many strengths of the book. It's witty, comic booky, yet really mature and immature at the same time. You don't appreciate the god drama when that's another strength, seeing how these wonderful and awful beings work with/against each other.

As for Wonder Woman doing something revelant. In issue #1 she saves Zola and Hermer while fighting two centaurs. She comes up with a plan to have the gods play against each other while she goes to sabotage Hera's plans. Diana goes into freaking Underworld and is supposed to marry Hades. She escapes and shoots him with a golden desert eagle! Later Diana fights against Apollo and Artemis and beats Artemis up bad, later she does it again. etc. etc. etc.

I agree that Azzarello isn't writing your typical superhero story or a typical Wonder Woman story. He changes history, tells unusual tales that perhaps run a bit too long but it's still some of the best stuff to come out of the reboot. The Wonder Woman Geoff Johns writes in Justice League is just atrocious.

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@eternal19: Agreed. And in general it's even worse when the characters act like a-holes and the reader is supposed to symphatize with them. You know, because humans are JERKS!

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@knightrise: Yeah, the idea was to point out a norm in the recent versions of Supergirl. Despite the different characters they all seem to make similar mistakes or are used in similar plotlines.

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@colonyofcells: I'm really looking forward to Multiversity. The cynic in me wonders if Robinson leaving DC had something to do with editorial - specifically connected to Grant's book. Maybe James was forced to write Earth 2 around Multiversity or something.

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I've been reading Earth 2 from James Robinson and it's an entertaining, fresh read. However as a fan of the Justice Society I can't help but think that something is lost in the modernization of the characters present in Earth 2. One of the biggest advantages of Earth 2 was the huge contrast between it and the "main" earth, whatever it gets called.

By placing Earth 2 in World War II you automatically get an interesting setting and the goofy Golden Age characters just work so much better in that enviroment. It feels like a new world and an interesting twist. We've seen these stories and redoing them again wouldn't be New. I get that. I'm all for updating the concept and tweaking it to get new outcomes. However ending with a dead Superman, a dead Batman and a dead Wonder Woman is hardly an improvement on Clark Kent the gray-haired Superman and the editor of the Daily Star. Having Batman be the police commissioner of Earth 2 is another nice plot that should get an update. As for Diana, well I liked having Hippolyta as Wonder Woman. Robinson's version might have Fury as the next WW or so I'm hoping.

In this instance modernization doesn't work as well though. It will only get worse when the crossovers start happening. You will essentially end up with two Justice Leagues (assuming a Society is formed). And we already have Justice League of America and Justice League Dark. A World War II Justice League would make things more interesting. It would make Earth 2 special. Now it feels like an alternate timeline instead of a parallel earth. I get that Jay Garrick and Barry Allen are different personas with different costumes and experiences but an older Jay would work as a bigger, better contrast when these two finally meet.

It's not like we would lose anything with these changes. I could see Robinson's stories play out the way they did even in a different setting. The biggest changes would be occuring in World's Finest and that title honestly hasn't been anything spectacular. Paul Levitz wrote some fantastic Justice Society stuff in the 70's. He could use help in World's Finest and what better way for more interesting stories than to have Helena and Kara drop from Earth 2's WWII to the present day of the prime earth.

It's too early to talk about reboots and I'm going to stick around with James Robinson's Earth 2. That said, I'll still jump in joy when and if the old school Earth 2 returns one day.

UPDATE: Since Robinson is off Earth 2 I wonder what the future of the book will be like. A shame we can't see Earth 1 and 2 meet with Robinson on board.

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@ravager4: It's kinda ironic that Paul Levitz wrote Power Girl way back in All Star Comics and she was just fine. I mean Levitz created the Huntress and her character (and costume) is the same. Maybe changing PG was an editorial mandate.

@powergirlfan: Could be there was a plan though I suspect DC gave into peer pressure and gave PG her iconic costume back on popular demand. And they were right to do so. I hope the events of last issue make Karen grow up and make her the character we've used to.

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@jointron33: Fair point. But Lennox does fight. And in a recent issue it's commented that Diana essentially has a team or a group which she leads. To add a sidekick to that would be pretty pointless. You don't really need a Robin in the Justice League, not in a sidekick position anyways. And I know comparing what Diana has to the Justice League is overkill but the dynamic is similar even with characters like Hera on board.

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The book seems very disconnected from the rest of the DC Universe. Wonder Woman is dating Superman yet he has never showed up in her solo book. I think Azzarello's book should be published under the Vertigo line so that DC can start up a 2nd solo Wonder Woman book with a straight-up superhero approach featuring her interactions with Superman, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Donna Troy, Artemis, Wonder Girl, Nemesis, and her rogues gallery.

You are basically blaming Azzarello for telling good stories. I think it's Johns' WW who should be banished in some Elseworlds story to be honest.