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@shackle said:

@bloggerboy: Casting Fox will not, and cannot, kill the movie, in and of itself. Period. So calm. The hell. Down.

I am quite calm. And no, Fox alone won't kill the movie. There's Bay and some pointless changes to the story like Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles. And every single of these tiny drops of suckitude will make an ocean, I'm pretty sure of that.

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Not saying Team 2 would win automatically but both Voldemort and Snape can fly (be it book or movie) though so can at least Ozai.

The wizards also know how to cast a Dissillusionment Charm, making them both appear as chameleons. That and I wager they can turn themselves invisible and cast other charms to protect themselves.

Voldemort could summon the basilisk from the chamber of secrets, being the Heir of Slytherin. He and Snape could imagine a fortified room in the Room of Requirement given Voldemort knows about it's existance.

And given they are at Hogwarts Snape could brew potions or have them be ready in stock (such as Felix Felicis) but it's a stretch, I admit it.

And if it's not clear already then let it be said that both Voldemort and Snape know Hogwarts and the grounds there in general. That should give some tactical advantage Snape knows the secret passage from the Whomping Willow (could be used as a weapon) to the Shrieking Shack.

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@shackle said:

@bloggerboy: No it's not. It's not at all. This thread is ridiculous. Fanboys are absolutely losing their minds over something as trivial as Megan Fox being cast in a movie; it's stupid. Fox's role won't make or break the film, because it's not an important enough role to make or break the movie. The only reason people are having a fit is because that's what people do whenever Megan Fox's name is mentioned. "Megan Fox! OMG it's RUINT!!" It's stupid, and the people who do it are stupid.

For the record, I don't think she's a good actress, but she's acceptable eye candy. That's all that's required for the role. And I don't think it's going to make a lick of difference, this movie is going to suck, and suck bad. But now the fanboys have another reason, after Michael Bay, to hate on the film, and that's Megan Fox. IMO, the film would suck with Scorcese directing and Jennifer Lawrence cast as April O'Neil--it's a silly, silly movie with a silly concept, silly characters and a silly story. But that's just my opinion; I understand others may love it. Megan Fox is not going to take a good movie and make it bad or a bad movie and make it good; people need to stop acting all freaked out because that's the way they are expected to act as fanboys.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a silly movie and that's a classic. Who says April can't have classic lines like Jessica Rabbit for example. Or given Turtles has a lot of action in it, have April deliver something badass and memorable like "Get away from her you b*tch!"

I agree that a Turtles movie has a very low chance of being like Roger Rabbit or Aliens (wow, what a contrast!) but making decisions like casting Fox is only going to kill the movie without even giving it any kinds of chances.

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@dreamfall31 said:

If it's anything reminicent of Brubaker's espionage-esque run, I'm down with that!


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@kingsloth said:

@ckuakini: I can be in any forum I choose. just as you can be as delusional as you choose to be. Do you honestly expect a TMNT movie to be good, its going to be turtles eating pizza and taking orders from a rat, sounds stupid to me.

Just because it's stupid or silly doesn't mean it can't be good. Roger Rabbit has a talking animated rabbit and that movie is a classic. You are expecting dumb action and dumb comedy when the potential is to do even something serious with a silly premise. You could do good comedy and satire with mutated turtles that eat pizza.

But this movie, it fails before anything is even shot on film/digital because of the people behind it. Namely Bay and now Fox is added to a list that will probably get even bigger the more they cast etc.

If we can get something like The Dark Knight out of man dressing up like a Bat with pointy ears we can get a good Turtles movie. But we'll most likely get something like Batman & Robin right out of the starting gate.

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@shackle said:

@munkieKONG said:

to be fair amidst the slew of hate comments likely to follow.... the pic on the right looks pretty legit

It's trendy to hate on Fox these days. She's got a supporting role in a film that's not exactly going to require Oscar caliber acting ability, and fools are running around like it's the end of the world. Megan Fox isn't a good actress, but she doesn't have to be a good actress for this role, so the hysteria gang should probably just chill out.

That's like shooting yourself in the foot and saying it's okay because you can limp.

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This is like watching a trainwreck. It's hilarious!

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I thought I'd repeat my thoughts on the subject:

Since the Joker had his face removed I thought a fitting ending would have been something like the Batman to unmask. Not necessarily unmask but do something to that extent which would leave the Joker crippled mentally. Have him become catatonic on the count of him not understanding/coping with the fact that Batman isn't who Joker thought he would be. Not that he's Bruce Wayne exactly but that he isn't this king who needs his court jester.

Maybe Batman could have deduced who the Joker really was AND spill it out. Snyder could have invented a cool backstory for the Joker. Sure it might lessen the appeal of the character but you could have gotten this great reveal about Batman's arch nemesis. At best it could have been totally mind blowing. So much so that the Joker might have cracked even more than before. He'd lose himself in an identity crisis after spending years, decades trying to forget his lousy past.

I think this would have been a great way to illustrate what a marvelous detective Batman is, how he is able to deal the psychological death blow to the Joker thus neutralizing him (for now) without having to stood to violence and even killing him. Batman was the underdog the whole through this story really, seeing him coming out on top would have been the thing to tip the scale for good, to show that this is indeed without a doubt a Batman story that will be remembered in history as one of the VERY best there is.

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Why is there so much action in my Star Trek?

Still looking forward to it though.

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@Billy Batson said:


I'd rather have good sci-fi than noir on Green Lantern.

Sci-Fi Noir?