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This looks like it's going to be as much fun as the first one!

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What can I say, at least the guy wasn't innocent like some on death penalty have been. Could you imagine someone being wrongly accused and then having to suffer two hours and the response is "well, he deserved it--oops, no he didn't, man this death penalty sure is irreversible and final."

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I really like the cover. Simple pose but the art is super effective!

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People need to stop complaining about Gal Gadot, because to find someone with the same physique and facial structure as wonder woman, is near impossible, but with Gal they got pretty close. I have a feeling the colors will be a little brighter in the film, but the movie is pretty dark

They should have cast Lynn Collins. Would have been a lot better pick

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I'm quite surprised to see so many behind this series. I mean, for me, it's the ultimate compilation of failure. We have Jessica Drew, a character who has a glut of clunky back story and minimal characterization beyond "has a nice ass" under even the best writers (Kelly Sue Deconick is the only one I've seen make her sound somewhat like a human being, but the "Agent of SWORD" story did do some good for the character as well, it's less fun for me than KSD's work). Pair that with an artist who does . . . really bad butts and while he does to "photo-realistic" stuff, it is generally considered lazy and bland these days . . .

And then we have Dennis Hopeless, a writer who is known for many things and none of them are really good. The last two series he worked on were cut short, alienated and offended the fanbase he was catering to and managed to inspire a hate art for his works. Suffice to say, he hasn't exactly left a positive mark in the readership overall.

So, we have an artist that's hated, a writer who's hated, and they're working on a character that's not exactly easy to make work and has a built in stigma against them. There's certainly people behind it (to my surprise), but to me this is almost a perfect storm of "Well, there's no need to buy THIS title!"

I sympathize with Jessica Drew fans on this one, because they're about to go through the same hell Runaways and Avengers Academy fans went through. Thankfully for them, they won't have the lingering threat of cheap shock deaths of their beloved character looming over them. Just . . . everything else that could go wrong.

Are you saying it's...Hopeless?

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Arkham Asylum, JLA: Earth 2, WE3, All-Star Superman, Final Crisis etc. etc.

I'm definitely getting Multiversity, it's one of the few things that still interests me in the New 52.

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"You've been a good and faithful servant, Severus, but only I can live forever." - Voldemort.

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Feels like a miscast. Too young and too pretty.

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I can't choose, they are both so great, so epic even if the latter word gets thrown a lot.

Infinity = Final Crisis = Infinity = Final Crisis etc. etc.

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I liked Angela in Spawn and when I heard she was going to the Marvel universe my first thought was negative. Now that I've had time to think about it and seeing what her role will be, well, I think they made the best choice possible.