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Mediocrity is celebrated in our culture.

Just look at how many people came to defend Kardashian and calling people jealous or a hater.

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Batman: Hush has in my opinion the best fight between the two because of it's context, planning and resolution. Both characters come out looking good in the end and not just because it's Jim Lee drawing them.

@dernman said:

For Batman to have a chance at winning they have to dumb Superman down to that of a box of rocks.

It certainly feels like that some times.

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Better costume than Sara's but she was a better written and acted character than Laurel.

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Haven't read the entire run yet but based on what I've seen it's stellar. Really made me appreciate the character more. While the books are different I feel Azzarello accomplished same things with his Wonder Woman run.

Well done Marvel & DC. Sadly both runs are now over.

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As someone who hasn't read the comic I dreaded the possibility of Eugene lying. This was a great episode but I think it's another case of building up something and not delivering. You don't see curing the zombie infection that often in movies or at least I haven't seen it that often.

I have this problem with the genre in general. We never get to see the spreading in a satisfying way and we never see the end to the crisis in a satisfying way. Not knowing adds mystery and not being able to solve the mystery is realistic...but also disappointing.

I like the show but it just doesn't always deliver for me. Daryl's brother's comeback wasn't everything I thought it would be the cannibals in this season went out really fast despite the promise of a threat they posed for the protagonists.

Having Eugene having a solution to the epidemic (even if the characters eventually fail at it) would have provided a great season(s) long story arcs. Now we're back to "surviving another day" as the main drive for the characters. A cure could have been a real endgame for the show.

I get that shows and movies like this are more about the human condition and not about the plot. The plot is just an excuse for commentary but still...I just expected something else.

That said I'll continue watching the show and I'm looking forward to what happens next.

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The art looks really good, at least compared to some of the previous John Carter stuff from Dynamite. And Ron Marz's Witchblade was pretty cool too.

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@theandric said:

Kate Upton = 22 years old

Brooklyn Decker = 27 years old

Close enough.

are you trying to sink the show by getting people who can't act?

Besides Kate is more a Power Girl caliber gal.

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Aliens and Terminator 2 alone justify Cameron's career as a director and make him better than Bay.

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I need to see each of these movies first. I'm not sold on the ideas alone like I am with Age of Ultron for example.

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I didn't think they were this desperate after their initial plan failed.

Desperation that works in favor of the consumer is never a bad thing. More footage means more people are going to get a better picture of whether to go see the movie or not, whether it's worth their time and money.