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Yeah I believe that his old man doesn't make it & the pater Parker clan will help him over come this & the " with great power come great responsibility" will be stapled into his heart & soul. Love live the Parker clan !!!

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I love how Lori came out in a white dress when we all know she wasn't a saint Other than that the episode was ok, not as exciting as the last one, but still very good Can't wait to see what happens next....

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BATMAN !!!! He alone can take down teams like a BOSS!!!

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Umm idk batman siting out of a fight doesn't seem like batman to me if he does he might just be planning something or creating something, who knows but what we do know is that he is t going to stand their with a thumb up his ass waiting for them to come back to the surface n say "we're done" although that would be something funny to see. If S-Sm does sleep with Mary Jane the OMD effect will still be there since it isn't Peter, but like g-man theory states Peter believes he's oct, then we will be rid of OMD ... Who knows but hey it's marvel & apparently anything can & will happen, like multiple events in a year whos effects somehow last 1 day ... In some cases ... People can get shot by a gun than pets them phase in and out of space and time o_O ... Superheroes can never die not even when they have been chopped to lil pieces (punisher) ... Note that I didn't say that the stories were bad, all I'm saying some people go through crazy stuff & they act like nothing happen... I wonder of they will have an event where they all wake up n find out all the Big events were just dreams :-P

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GTFO yes while Otto spidey is using his powers to the "max" (intelligence & strength) one has to admit that every one who knew Pete would know the difference or notice the change in personality and ask questions like Logan + Matt, so how is it that someone who knew Pete in / out of the mask like MJ & May can't? Besides MJ has been shown as a intelligent girl b4 SSM but now " we have to dumb her down a bit" so she can't tell the difference? Next thing u know she will be smart again, then dumb, then smart once more lolz Love the way marvel is going around the OMD effect by creating "exceptions"

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Yeah they could go the Marvel route but that would mean that the JL movie will not come out for some time, & DC would show how desperate they are to make a profit instead of coming up with something new. still I agree that many people don't know much about the lesser characters in the JL and so the JL movie can be their Intro alas one can only hope that they do make it woth the same kind of realism like Nolan's TDK films. I doubt the JL film will be better than the avengers but one never knows.

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Wtf !!! This story sucks ... Ok I can see where the big "OMG I got to keep reading" factor can make marvel money, but for those who love and know the characters for so long will hate this & the stories to follow. Can't wait for this to end. It's cool that marvel can't change some of the stupidity they made = Mary Jane n Peter can never be together ... But to create some bullshit story just so we can have Spider-Man & Mary Jane again as a couple is crap

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T-Dog being alive is unbelievable, but i think he is going to bite the dust in season 3 ...

as to Season 2, Well i agree, the search for Sophia was too long and i kinda wanted to see more from the group that attacked rick, but they could also be the Governor's lackey's