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Wanted to go for something samurai inspired and wanted to throw in a colour not commonly seen on wolverine.

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So the reigns have fell to me for the next contest, so let’s get this ball rolling.

For this one, Artists are tasked to amalgamate two warrior women, Wonder Woman from DC and Angela previously from Spawn now in Marvel. You can amalgamate any way you see fit, use any of their costumes or traits as inspiration for your designs.



As usual I’ll give the contest 3 weeks, therefore end date will be August 10th, 10 PM GMT.

@shatterstar can you pin please

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Cool, thanks for the votes folks, I really enjoyed this one. Next contest should be up once I've made my choices.

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Famke Amazona was a member of scientifically advanced race of humans who hid in secret under the ice of Antarctica. They are centuries ahead in all methods of technology and medicine but can’t maintain a larger population than 50, therefore strict breeding rules are implemented and an event takes place every 50 years where 10 random individuals from the society are forced to leave their home.

Great unrest was brewing in this society and some were planning a rebellion. Famke’s parents knowing of this imminent threat guaranteed her place during the event. Famke heartbroken, knew she had to leave and complied, but as the event took place the rebellion began and Famke could only stand in shock as her home became ruin in the matter of seconds. Once she breached the surface she soon realised she was the only survivor of the chosen 10. Unable to return home she walked across the tundra unsure of her future.

Famke due to her enhanced DNA possessed immense strength, amazing durability capable of withstanding most attacks and severe conditions and granted a healing factor. Like most of her people she was intellectually gifted, her prowess was for analysing her surroundings, predicting what hadn’t happened yet was unique amongst her people.

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This arts pretty nice, more realistic compared to Alphona, reminds me of someone like chiang or aja, specially that panel where kamalas jumping down and her scarf follows her. I love alphonas work but this is a good change.

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I like aquamans design for this film, but judging by the action figure, i really dont like meras. Theyve taken away all associated features of her design, like her green scaly suit, no crown and her hair is tied back. It probably wont ruin the film for me, but i wont connect with her as mera, yknow.

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Im working on an entry, should be up soon.

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are you allowed meurta versions of their current costume?

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This first person perspective is so intense, when you see the cirtter through her fingers, its feels like your own eyes witnessing everything. Really different from what I usually read.

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My votes for iceprince also

really wish i got around to colouring this one, but alas