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Liked daken's blue costume better, His death of wolverine tie in was great and the costume looked epic there.

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I just need this show to move to the aldxendria story line. Not that I didn't love all these episodes so far, I need something new instead of Georgian countryside, going back to atlanta was nice shake up though


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This is a really cool concept, deffos gonna enter this one.

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@jj_was_here: Thanks for the positive comment, did really love your entry, I could see this character in a 1920s based story.

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honestly I'm kinda looking forward to a lot of these series, I never read many of these classic stories so I'm exited to have an opportunity to get involved.

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Woohoo, Fang-tastic


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@redscare: thanks, I think I got really into that back story. If I actually had the patience to make a comic I'd prolly give it a go :P

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Thought this character was a great choice for this contest, His story is compelling enough, but the flamethrower seems kinda overly aggressive, but I took that aggression and ran with it.

"Bill Norton wasn't always an unhinged figure in the Police department, but when you become a target from the people your supposed to trust, it could be said he changed. No one knows why his methods became so violent and his refusal to work with anyone became and issue for his superiors, but he got the job done.

But like all mysteries there is an answer to Bill's malice. Before his personality switch Bill was an up in coming sergeant soon be inspector, but he dived too deep into a case that revealed the corruption in his department and city in general.

He soon became the target of several of his fellow lawmen, some he considered friends. But friends or not they threw him over that bridge that night, riddled with bullets, severe head injury and they watched him sink...

However, Bill was not fated for death, but something worse, the truth.

He was saved by a group of scrapheap gizmo hobos. Somehow this rag tag group of oddballs, put him back together, through many means of surgery and unimaginable modification...

After months of rehabilitation, Bills mind, damaged and scarred was fueled for vengeance. His new friends were happy to supply him with the means to save his city from the claws of corruption. For him they created a device which allowed him to dispel a flammable, invisible chemical. When met with any kind of friction or spark would engulf the air or any surface it meets in flames. They also grafted a complete flame resistant costume. With his enhancements, his strength and durability were above exceptional.

With all he needed he set his plan in motion. After months missing he returned to his work. He saw the ghost white faces of all his enemies and he knew they were fated to meet each other again soon, but he wanted things to move sooner and arranged a meet up. But all they met was a fiery end ;P

Bill returned to work, unhinged and paranoid but certain he was going to bring down all corruption his the city as ALIAS THE DRAGON."

I probably rambled a bit with this origin,but that's how I do.