My First Day

Dont normally write blogs 
This is my first day and a comicvine member. 
I writ my first review. 
I entered a fan art contest. 
I joined an amazing group trying to create their own marvel universe 
and im being followed by siz people. I didnt even get that many on my first day on deviant art :P 
I think im gonna like being a member of comicvine.

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Posted by CapFanboy

So you should! Welcome to the wonderful vine! :)

Posted by Renchamp

Welcome. Do some good and you'll love this place. Sounds like you are on the right track.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Congrads and welcome to comic vine. i am glad you like the site so far. 

Posted by Blizaga101

I didnt even realize people replied to this, this was ages ago. Thanks for your kind words and i have been made to feel welcome, its a great site with friendly and entertaining people :P